Monday, February 13, 2012

A Unforgettable Letter Of Love !!!

                  Its Valentines day ,,a letter showing a girls  true love for a guy that went unfruiful --yet the girls way of seeing life --seeing love --always being positive to life--was  a inspiring person in my life

   Monday Feb 13,2006

   My Dear Luv ,
                        Been a long while ,3 months 24 days since i last saw u --tht was the last time i had happiness my heart refused to forget , From the moment i met you in that unforgettable rainy night --i knew this was the soul my heart yearned to meet --"to ask is to expect--to deny is a sin -to make u  accept was a impossiblity --but my happiness is forever same --everything else freezes when i m with u" --my mom left me before i knew the world --my dad refused to accept me into his world --i grew up with no apparent reason -- until that rainy night when i found a reason --reason to believe u can live a life u wish if you are brave enuf to come out of the miseries surrounded by u
                      How tough it is to love sumone who likes you but doesnt love u ---its never difficult for me i guess--loving came naturally to me ---u never forced me --that moment --this life --this lovely feeling is all mines --u dont live twice in a same life--i did --once for 20 odd years a life with no happiness but the next few with all the more i can ask for --its a beautiful feeling --if its a bubble i will live in it till eternity ---"I feel to expect luv back for luv is a crime --if it happens im the most happiest person in world --if it doesnt its alright -i know i was taught that not all arrows  reach the exact right destined spot ,,its not my mistake then maybe god was too busy he forgot to write my story as he wished --hes loaded with so much work i can understand ---no complaints
                      "Generally a dream ends when u wake up--for me im living in my dream---i was alive when i met u--but after meeting u i realised i was only half alive---every day,every minute ,i live now is like a beautiful dream --it has only happiness in it---if this is dream i never wanna wake up" --never felt so wonderful as i have felt in last couple of years --For me my luv came through rain --the breeze never seemed colder that night in rain --it was probably the only time my heart commanded my mind --and my mind accepted ---i smiled happily --i have not stopped being happy ever since --ur anger --ur remarks --ur ego --nothing has hurt me because u have not denied me yet--im in ur life --my life is all urs --my dad still doesnt care about me --but thats ok --he has his own wishes --maybe i never fulfilled his wishes --"i never saw life with the pessimistic glasses --this life is all i have --this luv is all i can give  --this happiness is my gift from god  --i dont wanna waste every moment feeling otherwise -- For me regretting   is  like license to fail in life ,to fall in love is like taking escalator to eternal happiness --u will know tht sumday --surely "!!
                       "If i never meet you again i wanna let you know just one thing ---i had in my life  the thing the whole world goes searchin ,,a search some find and others never -that night-the rain,,the dream ,,the happiness came ,,settled in my life  and never left .
                       "Never regret a moment in this life -never deny love --never find fault in others for leaving--never get stuck with harsh truths --find a false lie to make u happy than a  harsh truth --u might need all this with me or without me "
                       " I love you lot --hell a lot ---god gave me a beautiful life --a beautiful u--if the next moment is my last i will embrace death with a smile and show it that i lived a life that will never die as long as the world exists of my honest and never ending "Love"!!
                                            Without you now  --with love forever!!!
                                                                                     Ever lovingly
                                                    From a known persons diary (published  with due permission from the lovely person )-who was honestly the best writer i have known and my biggest inspiration for words --and probably the best girl who symbolised the word "LOVE"