Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bye Bye to Blogging and Writing --Its been a pleasure every moment,Now to life without writing :)!!!

" To every one of my pals and ppl who made my blogging  experience a very special one -A Big Thanks "

 "Exactly One year of living the passion i loved ---still have the passion endlessly but no motivation though  :)
        For every few of u who supported and my king bhai --Dipu and Seema gilly --a heartfelt thanks

           Its been a dream --an amazing one sharing some of my most vivid memories and happenings of my life  --right now im strugglin to find one good reason to continue tht --hopefully in future if i have one good reason to start again  -  I Will!!! 
     As they say "Never say Never for anything as long as u r alive - Who knows ??"
                              ----- To be continued probably sumtime ---
                                                 Lots of love --Shan!!!!!

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