Monday, April 2, 2012

The forgotten beauty of hand written letter or greeting card!!!!

     ***  ( There was more than one reason and hell a  lot of scolding --so im back again :)))***

                             "Written in full heartfelt thanks to my sweet sis hasini --whose handwritten greeting card gave me a much needed uplift to my sagging thoughts "
  " I never knew that day was this good until i saw it 1000 times in my
      Nothing is pointless when u see it 1000 times in ur memory ---for when
         I saw 1001th time i knew i was not just seeing it --i was feeling it :)"
                                                                The first time i fell in love with  written words was when i read these words in a paper handwritten so beautifully --i felt so happy seeing it and im talking abt sumthing a decade before !!! Yes  In a era when there was not much mail in use ,,when landline phones were still prominent --time has changed now --hardly anyone writes these days --its just mails --but trust me its sumother feeling to see sumone writing for you --it is probably the only time when u never analyse sumones handwriting rather just take sumones love to heart and fall into a world where there is only happiness --undeniable happiness
                                                             I hardly have 10 written letters and very few greeting cards written in hand -yet they are my most priceless collection --recently when i was struggling to get myself up -- i received a beautiful card written with love --it changed my life again postively does have a huge impact to see sumone taking even a minute to think abt u --thts the purpose of hand written letters ---it gives untold  happiness .
                                                           In this egostic world --noone is spared to live without fights or misunderstanding ---and at the same time some real love goes unexpressed for a lifetime--A hand written letter might solve many things --help u break ice ---form sumthing lifelong ---I know u wont believe it ---do it once and see the results
                                                        " Our entry and exit in this world may be a lonely one--never choose loneliness whilst u live --a handwritten letter to sumone u love always helps u to rule out that option for life --try it to beleive it ---its a simple magic but a mesmerising one "

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