Sunday, March 25, 2012

A hard truth from a funeral i attended recently !!!

                "Till Ashes without guilt -without fault-with just unfading true love-- Im scared of the next morning without u --death came empty handed and took away almost  ur dreams --the ones remaining will be mines from now on -What a wunderful life u had !!"

                                                   ---- Many years ago when my wunderful mom passed away when i first encountered the pain of a  funeral in close quarters --sumhow it brought a chill in my spine everytime ever after i went to a funeral ,,As u grow old it is sumtimes inevitable to be part of births and deaths of ur known circle ,recently had been to a funeral of a frds dad .
                                                            He was a fierce person ---sticking to his principles and eventually cared less for his wife ,,he had a daughter and a son ---though i were never close to enough to know the truths of his meticulous life --i had a sneaky feeling he never wanted to reveal the truths to anyone --a retired govt employee ---he was above middle class--he had enough money not to go for another job --on the day of sudden demise due to poor health check ups and sudden heart failure --he was admitted in hospital --for 3 days ---he was not properly seen by any of his family members---when eventually he passed away--people hardly felt his absence --instead his own wife for 40 odd years did not shed a tear -- they were soon discussin how to share his savings and though it did not startle me because in todays fast world that paper with numbers matters most --not whats inside the human body --"MONEY WINS HANDS DOWN OVER HEART "
                                                               On the way back i thought --A good man,,what was his life about ---if he could not make two people feel his absence ---he must have led a very sad lonely life with many hidden truths which now had gone with him-- Did he not give himself another opportunity to live differently??--"Its one thing feeling lonely and  another thing to be ignored by your ppl -- sadly i felt the latter  seein his family act made me feel the same way abt him"--Anyhow i wished his soul rest in peace beacause he was a good man at heart
                                                               There was a chilling truth --i had witnessed my own moms life and another wunderful persons life in close quarters ---unfortunately had to lose them and few others -In hindsight what is the best possible way of living your life?- i felt the best possible way to live a life is to atleast live without guilt and minimum fault--thats in our control always --to earn those two people in life sumtimes matters because it may well take a lifetime --i again got a chill in a spine in another funeral ,,i know this is not a feel good blog but its sumthing to realise whom to priortise in life and wht to give imporance in life --heart over money anytime for me  
                                                          Sighning off with few  lines which i wrote for a 10 yr old angel few yrs before on her last day in this world

                                 "Farewell little girl --u showed me life is all about belief over reality ,Love over mind ,,Smile over pain ,memory over time ,,hope over death --god will be refrshed by your pure soul and i envy u for ur faultless life --always "
 Still on search for those two people in ma life too ,,, hopefully sumday soon the search might end !!!!  -----:):)

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