Thursday, April 12, 2012

"PATIENCE " - If Only I Had More Of That !!!

" Nobody teaches you to be patient --u learn that by yourself   
  Sumthing that is easily achievable but always reluctantly considered  impossible
  if u have patience u may not win the world but u can give urself every chance for all ur dreams "
   April 10th ,2012
                           On the face of some grounding humiliation and forced embarassment --the day became a unforgettable one for all the wrong reasons for me ,,,while the reason was nothing new or nothing big to write about --the outcome of that severely hurt my thoughts--After a bad incident people who were present for a  impending good occasion which eventually got called off hours before it was to happen due to fate,,, started wagging their tongues and started abusing impatiently on innocent people who were not responsible for anything--i just thought to myself about a word i wished people gave bit more importance than what it is now---PATIENCE-seems a forgotten word to us in this fast paced world but is it true ?

                            I cant judge the importance of the word through sumone else --I was thinking --How much of importance have i given to tht word ?---the mind rolled back to years on few incidents on how i missed chances of learning the beauty of the word

From School ,
                     Its very funny that u tend to remember the days of ur school than ur college ones more --i could remember vividly my school days --i could not bear a beating to learn a lesson from my 1 st std teacher --so much so i changed my section --i forgot that if i had patience i would have been a better student but as it turned out i messed managing my capabilities to my best ,,,patience was a factor i missed then

A rueful incident --all of impatience
                   "If u dont find a vehicle within next few minutes im leavin"--"No --i will be there soon by sum means "---couple of hrs later i heard the news of the friend ( a amazing,amazing  one) died of a horrible accident --if only i had  given her couple more minutes --maybe things would have been different --again patience was the word i forgot to take note off and eventually paid a big price --a price i feel haunted sumtimes even now--a sense of guilt haunts me still --why could not i have been bit more patient---after all it was of one of the most influential persons of my life -it was a mistake i regret everyday  --the only thing about a mistake is u make sure it never happens again for a second time in my life ---tht incident also taught me abt how  being patient is a huge factor in life .
With MOM-the relentlessly never tiring human beings of this world
                    With mom it was remarkable because i had luxury to be impatient with her always --she was patient personified -nothing i did hurt her --atleast thts what she showed in her life --"Every time she wanted me to become her dream son --i would act as a nightmare to her wishes --yet she was patient enuf to allow me to win then beleiving some day her patience will win and some of her lovely wishes realised ---it did happen eventually --only thing --She was seeing few of her wishes shape up from up above --if only i was patient enuf to see the world through her eyes !!!!
                      Here now while writing this i can see myself in my past  ruining some priceless moments with my reluctance to be patient --today when all the crap things,ill advised words were thrown around i told myself--"Just be patient --it is a opportunity u r giving urself to get things u wish sumday "---it was perhaps for first time in my life i buried my natural anger and hoped being patient will help in long run
                      Anger ,,Haste ,,Ego ,,Pain ,Love,--we never hesitate to show any of those qualities of our nature --if only we could embrace patience as one among them --life would be a wonderful place than what it seems sumtimes--for me if only i had bit more than what i showed in my life -i would have felt heaven everyday ,every minute of life --learning to be patient is a simple but mystical art --we know how it is done --but we dont  want it to be done ,,,lol ,,,hope tht changes because if that thought changes life changes --im in the process atlast :):)

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  1. I saw one spiritual interview recently on tv and I got a message for you from that. One guy had this guilt feeling as he pulled his brother to his taxi once forcing him to come along and they faced a bad accident. His brother died on spot. This guy survived and he was haunted by that guilt of being responsible for his brother's death for years. But he got into his senses later when someone asked him 'Do you think you are God?'. Who are you to decide if someone lives or dies. It's never was and will be in your hands. Their time had come and they left this world. Never feel guilty of someone's demise.