Monday, April 16, 2012

In Love Of A Lovely Mom !!!

                        Every time i feel lonely ,,lost --one person gives me energy --belief ,trust --probably its the same for every human being who is born on this world --their mom is magical --I thought of writing a few lines on my mom --who continues to motivate me to never give up despite anythin --Love u mom (Pardon me im no means a poet --but to describe a mom u need not be a poet always :):))

                         " The one relationship that seems forever --timeless 
                             the one person for whom i was always ---priceless 
                             the one person whose love seemed -- endless 
                             of all the persons i have seen u remain -peerless "
                            Lived the life of a ever lasting queen --even married a king rightfully  :)
                            The flowers in the garden were always wishing for your heavenly touch 
                            My Mornings were always beautiful  waking up to ur angelic face
                            Today my mornings without u seems a misty haze !!
                          " Everything stood still if u wished --u never aged even !
                            Twenty years never seemed enough --heart yearns for more!
                            Probably u gave anger and ego back to god whenu were born!!
                            Not many did tht --God gifted u with everlasting love and happiness!!
                           People stood to admire your smile !!
                          A smile that even death waited for a moment to see that !!
                          You gave everythin what we all wished --you gave what even god wished !!
                          He wished for you to be by his side --anything -anyone asked -u gave !
                           If only i knew how and why u were like that !!
                           Maybe God took one extra second in creating you !!
                           Magical ,mystical ,startlingly simple amazingly honest !!
                           Truth never hurt you - No one ever cursed you 
                           Love never deserted you--it followed u till ur last!!
                           Death is the most cruel inevitable part of life 
                           Yet you made even death comfortable --and im sure 
                           Death felt ashamed to take ur noble life long before it was due to end 
                           A whole life with just love and love only !!
                            MOM--uttering these words i get tears every single time 
                              Tears --of happiness--of desperation to see u just one more time
                                  More than anything tears saying out loudly

                             "Thank You for giving me a experiencing a life with a angel "
                                                                --  My journey continues with u in heart forever  --
                                                                                         Luv u and Miss u !!!!