Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Suicides ---Something Tht Can Be Prevented If We Could Pay Slight More Attention On Our Loved Ones !!!!
                                                Yesterday morning in almost most of radio stations --there was a very strong discussion goin on about the increasing number of suicides in our places ,,the above students unfortunate end actually sent mild shock waves around the city as it was the second such suicide in a short time in the same place..Actually what bothered me was some poor ideas and comments passed on by some people who clearly did not understand the need of the hour was not post mortems but preventions .They seemed too excited to discuss the issue in the right sense and it some of them seemed bit silly !!
                                             I heard one person sayin"We should play them holy songs and holy movies ---seemed bit bizarre to me --another person said --"We should get them involved in sports activities"--seriously some were good and some were horrible suggestions ---but for me the basic point was what we do to prevent them ??---No guy or girl wants to be a loner in this world --because no one is born a loner --at some point of time we find sumone to talk ,,to share,,to listen --the thought of failures hits u hard when u have noone to share because there "NEVER IS A ISSUE OF SUMONE SAYIN I HAVE NOTHIN TO SHARE "-the basic problem with people in my part of world with whom i can relate these incidents is everyone of us is too involved in our own issues to note what is happening to the members in our family and in our cirlce.And im not saying all this in philosophical views --i have personally gone through this trauma 10 years back ,i know how exactly it feels to be lost and lonely and moreover "HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO EXECUTE  A PLAN TO KILL ONESELF "

   One day in  November  2002
                           Losing a mother at a young age is in itself a hard truth to swallow but to lose the person who meant the world to me felt like lights had gone out of my life --i struggled to cope up with the reality - i was just 20 that time --the world seemed a scary place ,,very scary to even live --i had no frds to discuss my loneliness --my confusions were confined to myself --i had to take the next step by myself as my family was trying to come in terms with the harsh truth --i tried for the same stupid silly stuff  believing ending ones life is the end of any problem forgetting what a chain of problems it may have catapulted if done so ,,i failed so miserably and i could never fault my family one percent ,,my issue was i was devoid of anyone to speak or know how to feel about a grave loss
                          It was believe me the most scariest difficult thing to imagine let alone doing --no human being will have the guts to do tht once he decides,,we are born like tht ,,,just before that moment of deciding comes thousand vulnerable moments where our heart yearns for one soul to talk ,,to share ,,for sumone to put a shoulder on us and say "It will pass on ,,dont worry "---thts what is probably needed ,,comfort of belief that u are not left alone to take ur own decision when u are at ur vulnerable worst .Loneliness in moments of high discomfort leads to wrong decisions according to me ,,if sumone around you feels left out ,,feels deserted ,just make sure he or she doesnt feel the same for prolonged period of time --and in case of students its even important for frds or family to sit and talk to them about their priorities in life ,,their disappointments should be discussed --and there should be a "COMFORTING HAND ON THEIR SHOULDER AT ANY COST ",i dont believe in showing holy movies or songs or reducing television(?)may help them at stress ,,but comforting words ,a family member who is supportive to the core ,,a true friend,,and  moreover "there is always a angel in every house --the one who brought u to this world --even if world takes u wrong she will never !!
                      I felt very bad and heart wrenching pain when i read abt this stuff in newspaper felt sorry for the girl and this was my feeling and perspective about the stuff ,,not meant to hurt anyones thoughts --my personal wish by this blog is to reiterate that prevention is better than post mortems ,,we have our roles however miniscule it may be --sumtimes it might be the one that saves a life .
                      Suicides is a serious problem in our society but it has a simple solution ---"Everyone one of us taking care of our loved ones at all times"!!!

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