Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Stop Complaining - Start Fighting- Message From Our Real Time Heroes -Awe inspiring Stuff !!! !!!!

    "Tribute to grit shown by people like Nick Vijucic ,Alex Zanardi ,and Parry West to name a few of real time heroes who show that u can enjoy ur life ,,live ur passion,,enjoy ur dreams if u never give up ,we remember them for their grit not their deficiencies -hats off to people like them -for me heroes to be cherished always "
                "Never ever pity in front of someone for what they appear lacking  outside --they have the same beautiful heart as you have inside them"

                                                        Many years ago sitting in a park waiting for a ice cream i saw a handicapped person who could not walk properly selling towels in the crowd ,,the moment i saw the person i felt a tinge of sadness --i went with a person who was like my uncle and family frd --i had not a single paise tht time but the moment he approached us i said to him "Arrey Uncle i feel so sad for u --how u r able to walk with this one leg not right "-of course innocently but he got angry and said "mind your business --im not begging to u "--i felt bad -it is almost 15 yrs back --i still remember those stinging words -i never understood then why it all went so bad when i had no bad intention.
                                             As life goes you learn about your mistakes innocent ones --gradually learnt that what counts is how good you are inside at the end of the day --no matter how perfect or imperfec you seem outside ,,few years later  while i was strolling around a temple with my family  i saw a young girl handicapped by polio selling flowers --i saw again the same scene i saw some yrs back --people pitying her for she looked until a elderly lady walked towards her with a smile --took some rupees bought some flowers smiled and left ---i noticed seeing the young girl --she was smiling --the elderly lady left with a smile and that girl had that smile in her face ---it was a silent explanation to a long puzzlin question --What should i do the next time i see sumone lacking outside ?Wont they get hurt if sumone ignores their deficiency  knowingly?--these were questions i had at back of my mind always --i got a idea of what it really is .

                                           I have always been inspired by real life heroes --people who struggled like hell to overcome there shortcomings in real life with grit ,,there are  couple of  unforgettable   name i get in my mind --one of the major reasons i changed that "pity feeling thought " for people with physical deficiency  he is 

                                                                              (One of my favourite videos -seen it a hundred times )
                               Never mind how many times i see this heroes video i get inspired everytime --a guy who is affected by a special disorder called "tetra amelia syndrome " ,with no arms and no legs but what a fighting heart he has --mind blowing --i saw this guys video some years before -- the first time i saw this video i felt "this is another real time inspiration in my life"i have seen his video few times when  i felt down and every time i felt  it awe inspiring --how much maturity and how much grit this guy has shown to a life that has been unfair to him from the moment he was born -i cant imagine myself him for a second yet hes he for the whole of his life and he is inspiring people --hes a renowned preacher --a example for utmost grit overcomin severe physical deficiencies ,,One word to this guy who isnpires me a million times -Amazng ---"Its a lie to think you are not good enuf "--"Its a lie to think you are not worth anything "---yes sir u said it ---and everytime i see your video i  feel  inspired -you have been one marvellous example of how even god is imperfect 
                              A former cart champion who waas in midst of one of the most horrendous crashes in history of racing when his whole car went to pieces in a crash with him inside--he had both his legs amputed and yet made a remarkable comeback to sports later with his never say die spirit 

                             Barry West met with a horrific accident at 19,,he lost his arms and legs in the crash ,,yet he learnt to fight his life --he wanted to live his dreams --nothing stopped him --he went for mountaineering ,,scuba diving ,paragliding,skiing ,,he is one of the familiar names who fought severe deficiencies with sheer grit ,,another case of what matters is whats inside and not what sumone looks outside .          
                                  These are some of the examples that come to my mind immediately ,,but there are so many of them ,,yet all of them convey one single stuff loud and clear ,,theya re not one to be pitied always . Yes the next time you see sumone lacking outside ,i hate to even categorize them with some seperate name --they are just a different us --because god doesnt create every human being in same way --they still have unique talents --they have hearts that generally have more grit than a normal person,they dont need our pitiful words  and looks --they dont need our sudden change of expression just because they look different ,,it took me long to put myself in their shoes and imagine what it is like to go through what they do ---the smile in that girls face --the act by that elderly woman stayed for a long time after that incident and then there was one Nick Vijucic --Life is cruel --very cruel sumtimes --for no fault of urs ---but if u learn to stop complaining --u invariably would have started fighting against all odds ,,there are few real time heroes who let us know the truth ,,hereby saluting those real time heroes  and who have been nothin short of awe inspirin --Indeed they all tell us one thing --"Stop Complaining --Start Fighting" !!!!!


  1. Brilliant post ... well articulated and thought over. It is pretty inspiring to see the people fighting daily to survive in the world and attaining remarkable heights ...