Thursday, June 14, 2012

Me and Mom -the journey continues,,,,,,,Luv U Mom!!!!

Me and u Momma --the monumentally incomparable humble  human being i ever knew!!!
 She knew abt me  before i understood  myself -thats y moms are magical
               I cry though my smiles ,,
               i speak through my silence ,,
               I love through  my untold words
               I hide my truths in my lies
               I saw the lies in supposed truths of some flawless ppl i knew
               I love more by tryin to hate anyone
               I remember everyone i tried to forget
               I feel guilty for trying to look guilty free
               I forgot my dreams to remember other's wishes
               I act as if age has masked my mom's absence
               I try to say i never loved anyone but ,,,,
               I know why noone can be  selfless for a whole life
              But i dont know why i cant be damn selfish
              I told that special girl of my life  "i dont love u"when i could

              see my unborn children in  her eyes"-the biggest lie of my life
               I wanna cry one time in ur lap momma -just one time i promise
               U knew everything --u still know everythin
               Im smiling even now because i knw only u can feel the
                 wetness of my tears in my smile ,,
               Everything else might be a known mistake or a unknown
                flaw but that u were there and still being around is
                what im banking my hopes on to change them!!!
                                     -----Momma love u for noone knew me like u !!


  1. I wish I could like it thousand times... I m not sure because i am a little high with emotions tonight or simply it was written from deep down the heart; It moisten my eyes.

    perfect Gam :)

  2. thanks singh --without appreciation no work becomes meaningful,,thanks a lot ,,means a lot :)