Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Thoughts About The Word "Courage"!!!

" I know my end --i know my duties is unfinished --i know im letting u down --but just know this mom will give everything she has to stay one extra minute to see her children smile one last time --with tears but without a blink "
                                                           ---First time i saw courage beyond words from my mom who was facing death --Courage in real flesh and blood ---ready to defy death that extra minute and that too "without blink of that eye even with tears"--maybe she became extra special even in her final few months .fate may have been cruel not recognising that courage but i did --it became a base for my whole life.
                Till that time i saw courage as sumthin exhibited in battlefields ,,with swords ,guns ,,all effect of novels and films until life showed me what was courage ,i have been blessed to see some other instances of courage ,the one where the heart stands before anything else in the world
               Everyone of us have been  courageous in one way or other --the only thing is we hardly realise that because of the concept we all have  that courage is a fearless exhibition of character --it actually is the mastery of our fears ,,Im pretty much sure each one of us more than once would  have shown our frustration on our bathroom mirrors --yet when we come out of that to face this whole world --we show nothing to the world --hide our frustrations to make so many ppl around us to feel better--We to hide our feelings to make ppl around us feel better-.Now tht is courage !!!
               Sumtimes we dont like the job we are doing --we do it every day for our family --sumtimes we dont get our love --yet sacrifice our feelings to live a life that makes everyone except u happy -burying our dreams --our passion for sumthing else in life just because u r persuaded into by the world --every one of us who do that are truly warriors --courageous warriors --because when we are alone --when we are travelling alone --trying to sleep till early hours in the mornings trying so desperately to avoid ourselves be engulfed by our fears-we fight a battle that is unseen --"ITS LIKE YOU STANDING ALONE  AGAINST  ALL UR FEARS --AND EVERY DAWN  U WAKE UP--U KNOW ITS  ONLY AFTER DEFEATING THEM EVERY NIGHT  -THAT IS ULTIMATE COURAGE GOING UNNOTICED IN THIS FAST PACED WORLD "
             Next time someone says u r not brave enough to face life --just laugh at them --u know better--ur mirrors know u better than them --period !!

           "Courage is not about how much u show off--its about how u hide ur fears and face this world  every day despite every setback --tht  fact is remarkably unnoticed yet undeniable "
           "My world changed after momentous  show of courage from my mom --if u cant find any examples in real life --go see ur mirror -there will be always a example everytime u see urself  :):):)"

C Ya soon


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