Sunday, June 17, 2012

To All The Awesome Dads Of The World -Happy Fathers Day !!!!

"To my dad who showed me the way to live ,the path to reach my dreams ,still remains the inspiration who i dont want to disgrace by any means for all that sincerity,honesty,love and dedication shown for betterment of his family in his life-of course like all the dads in this world  "
           Dear Dad ,
           In my yrs of -0-10
          You were the first hero i knew in life
           You were the "first star" whose style i tried to copy
           You were the beginning of the purpose of my life
           You were the king i tried to imitate everyday in my mirror
           You were my first companion to this beautiful place called "world "
           You were the first to give a gift in my life--"a priceless green elephant doll"
           You were the most handsomest man i compared anyone with
           You were the best man in whole world

           In my yrs from 10-20
           You started to look like one of the best men in world
           Your questions started to look like reasons for my anger
           Your goals started to seem too high a mountain sumtimes
           Your advices seemed like unwanted nuisance for my freewheeling mind
           You gave extra time to shape my future when i wanted extra time to fly
           high in a unknown horizon
           You found acceptance as only option to my stubborness
           You never flinched among the storm  fate contrived for u yet u seemed to have forgotten my
           silly wishes &never ending wants
           You saw the uneasiness in my life yet remained rudely  calm
           You seemed too protective sumtimes -while ma age demanded space
           Yet u stayed same despite everythin
           You seemed a bit of villain suddenly from that hero i knew !

           From Yrs 20-30
            Suddenly A Storm brew in my life wrecking almost everythin ---almost because
           You were standing covering me foreseeing the storm
           Waited for it to pass and saw my wings and taught me to fly in life
           That great angel-My Mom's  demise almost left me in tatters
           Almost because again u were there to see i was not lost
           When i was lost for direction you showed the path again
           When i was looking for inspiration --u became one
           You became once again that "hero "i saw in my tender years
           You stood far away ,,gave me space ,,watched me fly ,,yet
           remained protective as before -watching every move keenly
           You became   one of  the reasons for rediscovering myself
           You became the living example of fighting fate with heart

          From yrs 30-????
           It has just started the long journey hopefully to acccompany your
          glorious twilight-seeing  every step is a priveleage dad  !
          To know more about the man who will always be the hero who i
          would never want to disgrace for my endless wishes !
          Yes i want to have all i like--sumone i like --things the way i like
          want to live in another place where there is no tortures!
          Yet i want to do what almost every son and daughter wants to do
          in this world --"Make their dad proud despite everythin-My
         wishes are for sumother day -sumother time -period!!!!
         "The journey may end anywhere --but it has been a magnificent dream -to watch a master at work --a master refusing to accept fate's games --a hero who seemed like a villain then eventually showed that hes a Superhero !-A king all the way -If i was granted some wishes one of them would be to try to be like a dad like u someday (i know to create that magic u need a woman as beautiful as my mom but yet its just a wish if granted ,,lol),,,

              So my king-my first hero --my evergreen iron man --To My dad --and  to the millions of awesome dads of the world ----HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!!


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