Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rain --Why does thou look so beautiful every time i see you !!!

         Two nights changed my life and those two nights had one common factor ---"Rain"
One cold night in Nov 2002;
          "Decision is yours --We have done our bit --Now----the doctor failed to complete the sentence as he said those words to my family waiting not to hear what he never completed "--My Mom's noble life was drawing to a very premature end --the flashes of thunder on the windows hit on our emotionless faces --finally deciding that mom deserves a fitting farewell we decided to shift her to her favourite place-my home --320 kms apart from chennai to trichy -the travel began --the thunders gave way to relentless rain --i stood outside waiting for the vehicle --For the first time the rain that used to scare me -did not scare me --i was drenched yet i was feeling better --because i knew i would have frozen if not for the rain --i felt like it accompanied me to make me feel bit more comfortable -"it was like rain was wiping my endless tears in the most unfortunate moment of my life till then -It felt  like i needed it --i had it ",
        Till then rain was something i always preferred to just hear from closed doors ,,heavy rains scared me --i did not feel alrite to be in that company because it did not seem a great invitation from nature to join rain whenever it visited ,But as life rolled on --perspectives change expectedly but my admiration to rain changed completely from being ignoring to wishing 
Another beautiful night that changed my notion 
                Walking with couple of  friends in the midst of a  heavy rain --one of my frds was giggling no ends in the rain --while i was fuming inside --i was not comfortable at all--"why the hell are u enjoying getting wet --i mean getting drenched is so funny or what --my dresses --everything are ruined ".
She replied "Hmm cool dear --u see it that way --i see this rain slightly differently 

                 "Rain is so beautiful -This is one moment when i feel as the " Irresistable Queen "
                   I might mean noone to anyone but to God  this moment "Im the little girl he wants a   photograph -- So wait a minute shanmu  let me pose--I wanna look like a queen alrite  "

             I was not stunned by tht comment but rather at how for a change rain can be looked into --rather than cursing it all the time ---i said to myself "Hey wait a min --Why not enjoy the company of rain --it might at end of the day be something wonderful!!
                                         I was getting wet  but felt different --rain did not make me uncomfortable after that ,,i had some amazing moments in rain --Once I  cut a birthday cake amidst a breezy ,beautiful  with that same "Rain Friend "--for sumone who rarely had cakes or gifts that was probably one of the most wonderful moments in my life -i felt special-i felt the world was the stage for my birthday --it felt like a dream with every rain drop seemingly like flowers from heaven -possibly because i was with the one person who i admired endlessly "

            "Its raining so heavily as im writing now --I dont have that rain friend or anyone at all now but i seem to forget that all now when i felt the first of few drops reaching ground from up above --my heart jumped out --my mind forgot my troubles -my whole body cycled to the beauty of this magic --this moment that keeps visiting me every now and then in my life --i want to enjoy this luvely smell ,,this luvely breeze ,,and that feeling that "when the raindrops feel like flowers from heaven making u feel refreshed forgettin everythin and enjoyin that moment alone "
            I sign off with one quote i remember when my mom first explained  about rain 

                "Rain is a wonderful gift from nature  to u --it comes to earth to make us happy--   Dont be scared -This will be with u for ur whole life --it comes with tht promise "

                         Words of wisdom takes time to get into ur heart --i still remember the fresh daisy look on my moms face when she uttered those words --the rain drops on her beautiful hair even now seems like decorated flowers from heaven from where now  she must be smiling that im enjoying what she wanted then 
 Signing off seeing happily the same wunderful rain that scared me long before --now its amazing !!!!
Cheers !!!

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