Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Possessiveness Is Just The Outcome Of Love --Definitely Aint A Crime !!!!

     Dedicated to my friend whose untold love was shattered to pieces by one word "Possessiveness"
  "Its time we take a step back because we have got too close to each other 
             With u this close i cant see where im standing even "

                                                                          --A inspirational friend long time back--Probably the first time i realised what is the meaning of this word "possessive"--Recently i happened to witness a heartbreaking break up of lost untold love of a very good writing friend of mine-whose love i noticed the first time i interacted with him ,so madly was he in love that when  it all ended in unbearable pain the truth and pain  was obvious even for me that it had hurt him pretty badly -a few instances in life came up in mind when analysing the incident with the friend 
                                                                            What is actually being possessive ---The time when your"Excess love on one person leads to sole focus on that person --thoughts ,wishes,dreams ,time ,everything points in cohesion with just one person --when ur happy moments and sad moments wait for exact reaction you expect from that person --u r invariably bound to become possesive of that person --everything is fine till the other person feels things the exact way beyond a certain period of time ,the moment the other person starts to feel differently --things take up a  bad turn leaving plenty of pain --there in lies the secret of logeivity of any relationship 
                                                                            There was once this  unforgettable girl in my life whom i felt as  a real sister --without whom for a certain period of time the world seemed a impossible place to live--my heart jumped in joy the first moment i interacted with  her ---mutual calls --mutual excitement --mutual feelings matching called for spending more time together--more sms -more gift exchanges -card exchanges on birthday time -it was supposedly one of the highlights of my life until reality set in -possesiveness set in and  our relationship became a strained one eventually ending prematuredly and lot painfully -We hardly realise during such times that things happening too fast for them to last forever --eventually everything that was mutual becomes monotomous --with one of the two parties feeling the strain to live upto the others expectation -slowly spacing out from other becomes the only possibility to extend the relationship-and eventually breaking up  ,,however hard it may seem ---it is a truth hard to accept but not impossible to deny .
                                                                           Possessiveness gives u hell a lot of tears ,,hell a lot of pain after the eventual absence of that person u loved more than anyone(saying from personal experince too --it seemed a awful time for a short period of time )--but despite all the negative aspects it brings --it has hell a lot of positive things

                      *  U learn how strong u r as a person
                      *  U learn the value of longeivity in a relationship
                      *  U learn that all that glitters is not gold 
                      *  U learn the difference between expectations and practical possibilities

                                                                       We are not autoprogrammed robots to do things as they are meant to be--its better to love sumone tht bit more than to be in a world which has just u --noone is flawless --there is one old saying 

                   " Forgive urself for anynumber of mistakes u make 
                      But never forgive urself for the same mistake u repeat "
                               Expect urself to be just that nothing more

                                                                       When my friend spoke abt his break up --i wanted to say this -- possesiveness is not a mistake --it might be a painful experience when u feel bitter after a break up with ur loved ones --but its a lesson to resurrect urself when life gives u another opportuniy --Enjoy loving sumone to the core --it might eventually turn out to be a mistake u wished u had corrected earlier but without trial and errors life is as boring as it gets .Signing off from a exclusive quote yrs back  from a frd who is sumwhere in this wide world but remem his words he shared with me long time back about feeling helplessly possessive abt sumone  he loved then --

              "I know im possessive with u but i will never tell u that because this feels magical till 
               it lasts --this might be short or long but that this is magical is undeniable "

            --Always find a positive in every worst feeling ,,bcoz if it cant get  any worse it only means it will get better!!!

C Ya soon

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