Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Tale Of Two Nights !!!

Copied and posted in dedication to one of my close frds whose arranged marriage was destroyed on the last minute by few silly,silly  incidents !!

                               After persuasion  to write what he felt in two nights he felt his life was altered slightly --my frd a pretty average writer felt it was fine --and i thought it would be apt to just copy it and post it in my blog ,,because it was that real to me !!

   One night -
"  For once i was living in a dream sumone was dreaming -it was out of the world feeling
       My truth was sumones rule book for a change --i never found a reason to wake up
       The stars in the night light were like witnesses to this beautiful dream i was living
        Sumbody gave my heart's rights to skate around --it did so merrily
        The next dawn seemed the most beautliful scene i could imagine
         Sumbody's voice seemed like the magical trap i fell wantedly
          I was wanted desperately by sumone --even time stopped moving
          Sumone was madly in love with me - giving me no reason to deny
          For first time i realised true love doesnt need yrs,months ,days ,just HOURS
          I knew it was hard to believe but when u r being loved truly who can
          Sumbody was refusing to forget me for a minute - I was crazily happy
          "Im all urs for life "-she said -i was seeing myself in mirror and smiled endlessly
            It was roses everywhere --my life was a garden that night-i was in heaven ,,,,

     The following night ,,,
          "Im now wide awake --my eyes refuse to close even --where will i dream now ?
            Sumone's lies have won over my truths --I have another reason to cry
            The stars in the night light were like mocking me at my reality without you
         My heart was screeched to halt by a unknown force -it was yearning  not to be so
             The next dawn seemed the toughest morning i could ever have faced
              I was searching for that "Sumbody's voice" to fall into that trap forever
            I was avoided shockingly despite being loved truly -every minute seemed like yrs
             Yes true love needed just hours but to forget that love it surely will take years
               I did not know that u can be forgotten easily despite loving sumone truly
            Sumbody was trying to forget me for life despite loving me  --i was crazily shocked
              "I was never meant to be urs "-her silence seemed to say to me
                I was seeing myself in the mirror --tears flowed endlessly
              It seemed thorns everywhere --my life was again a deserted forest once again
                                                                                  ----i was in hell again !!\

          Possibly the truth of these words  was understood when i saw through the persons moist eyes ---he had felt true love in one night and rudely broken by the girls dad for reasons  best known to him,,despite knowing the girl loved the guy and the guy was pretty decent guy perfectly acceptable for her love --but the startling flip sides of a arranged marriage stood right in front of my eyes when he was describing the facts with utmost pain ---i felt for a moment its better to choose ur destination than to wait for sumone to show u that--i was left  with no words to console a troubled soul than wishing that god hears the unheard tears of his heart and of his girl who loved him truly and magically --time might have been short but the way he wrote this and gave to me without a thought showed how true it was (note the synchronisation of words in both paras --exactly depicting the torture he went through by cruel fate )
            All i can say is if u know sumone is loving u truly --never ignore it -because sumwhere sumone is watching --oops forgot finishing with the last lines he wrote in his piece of paper
             " That one night my heart skated unbounded and happy  --a  testament to ur true love
                 Im priveleged to be the reason of that -noone can take that away from me "
                        Without u im struggling this night but i know tomm is new day !!

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