Sunday, August 5, 2012

"A Frd Makes U Feel Special Till Ur Last-Period "

"Dedicated to all my friends who have made me feel special --My life feels all the more wonderful that i could remember some amazing memories --Happy Frdship Day "

                                           Got a call in the morning from a friend --"Hey Happy frdship day "--i was like "Seriously ??"--This was the first time in many years that i missed either remembering Rakhi and frdship day -- I wondered whether it was  pressures of day to day life  eventually getting to me or Is it natural course of life that the more u get into life u r in ur own lonely world that u are bound to move out from others in search of your destination --it is debatable with no clear answer but it was odd week in many ways
                                          Being a Sunday morning my day never began before 11 --then i went to wash my face and i stood 5 minutes just wondering again about this thought ---it felt insane -me forgetting frdship day --7-8  years back there was a time when i was surrounded by friends that i hardly ever forgot such a day ---went to my lappy  and was going through my old pics which i had saved --it felt Nostalgic and there was one picture when i was going through which had nearly 25 frds of us meeting on new years ever many years back --my memory went back to that wonderful day and i felt a smile --and thats when i probably realised sumthing ---"thats it man ---the role of a friend is that only --to make u feel special  --to make u trust urself till ur time with or without being present with u on day to day basis "
                                      " A Mom loves u unbelievably ,,
                                       A  Dad works for u Unbeleivably
                                       A Sister/brother cares for u unbeleivably
                                       Your love gives u happiness unbeleivably
                                       But your friend just stays with you --he/she is just simply beleivable  at every given opportunity ---Isnt tht mind bogglingly amazing "

                                      When everyone around you borders on the realms of unbelievability --ur frd just supports u endlessly,having gone through a painful transformation of accepting the facts that there can no physical assistance of any friend through my journey ---and still going through ---it makes me wonder in awe of this wonderful word "Frdship "--But there is a flip side and if u r under 25 guy please skip to last line because i know it is hard to share the same sentiment as a 30 plus guy but truth is well truth anyway u see it :)
                                        Inevitably for a 25 plus guy the dramatic fallout from his friends circle is far to comprehend for sumone less than that age--having practically felt the huge difference due to inevitable responsibilities --it feels a whole lot new world ---the best thing u can do is realise what u have had --"frdship is not the easiest thing imaginable --for u dont plan --u dont hope ---when it happens it happens "the beauty of maintaining any frdship after 25 is accepting that the chances of moving apart is more possible than sticking together ---no matter how hard ur heart yearns for that .
                                       The pictures told me story that in one entire picture of 25 friends --taken at a time most of us were together-- but as time as rolled by we hardly see each other even once a yr nowadays--its a undeniable truth  eventually life has moved us all out but for good reasons --in search of our goals --but still there is one fact out of all that -they remain in touch as best they can --they try their heart out to find some time once a while despite many having young families --to me that honest attempt -that sincerity --that responsibility--that realisation without analysin that "this is my friend --i will try my best to be with him when he needs "is all what u need from sumone u trusted to be ur friend .Hard to be so but never impossible --as i said thats why friends is the only relaionship which always seems "Believable-Every single time u wish and want"
                                       For all you guys under 25 --enjoy the time under the sun --its probably the best time u will find great mates--have great memories --moments that may get frozen in ur mind --trust me u might need all that few years down the line --life works in its own unique way --u have to play ur cards safely always :)
                                      I have had the pleasure of sumhow stringing some out of the world frdship--the old pictures were ample proof that i have had been very lucky to meet sum great mates and sumtimes some unseen jewels --at a point of time in my life where im stuck in a crisis it feels a strong motivation factor that im not alone sumwhere sumone of my frd is wishin me good standing by me --what more can i ask ?
       "A friend expects nothing but gives u his /her everything --expect no more than that sincerity"

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