Friday, August 17, 2012

Sumtimes All It Takes Is a Beautiful "Rose"!!!

In the midst of a very trying time sumthing miraculous happened though a simple rose today -A rose which reminded a "Miracle"in my life ---My MOM

      " The time of life when you look to the skies for a answer
         Hoping sumone hears the words of my silence
         Hoping some one hears ur untold words
         Hoping some one wipes ur unseen words
         Walking with the feeling of carrying urself unnecessarily
          Almost every hope u have seems hopeless
          Then i got a rose accidentally --A ROSE!!!
         "A Rose symbolising that magnificent angel of my life
           That Rose brought back the smiles of a great lady
           A lady whose love with roses was unbound
           Not gold,Not Sarees ,No Costly things made her happy
            As A Rose did --i always wondered --Why just a rose
            1 rupee always got that -i had no clue why it excited her
            But today when my heart weeped ,my eyes searched for answer
            Was waiting for a moment ,,a spark ,,a inspiration ,,and almost
            when every  hope had died --A ROSE in a temple did just that !!! 
            My eyes glittered suddenly ---my hands felt colder than it should be
            My heart suddenly stopped weeping ---my mind became so active
            Memories of yesteryear's of that beautiful lady came back
            That wonderful person who loved this same rose more than anything
            That same person who gave me hope everytime i felt hopeless then
            Now that same person -the very meaning of epitome of life is giving hope
            Through that rose --every petal of that rose showed her happiness with this rose
           While the rose petals danced to the breeze --my heart felt the warmth of her hands
             Maybe i still have hope ---still have every meaning to fight -to smile
              That wonderful lady --MY MOM ---touched me with that same kindness
              Through that 1 rupee rose --the tear i had in my eye was in gratitude
            Proof that The best person to represent God in real life is none other than Mom!!
                        There might be  divided opinions about People believing in God but there wont be much divided opinions on MOM---Whether with u physically or not they keep giving hope and belief in the most traumatic moments --and love beyond words --to put it simply
                        MOM-Magic Or Miracle --guess both --A rose made me realise that today
                                    Love u My Miracle ---Mom !!!!!1

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