Sunday, October 14, 2012

Its Time Media Took More Responsibility And Limit Glaring Mistakes!!

                                                  I was reading a leading morning daily tamil newspaper today -(14.10.2012-Sunday ),though my main objective was to kill time ,i was nevertheless reading through the headlines,and particularly this bit of news caught my attention

The last few days this guy has been in news for all his wrong doings and misuse of women,,Yes it a eyeopener for women to be aware of such people ,,it is a eyeopener for young girls who are nothing but innocent with such petty minded people ,Kudos to the media and newspapers ,BUT BEYOND ALL THESE ,THERE  IS A UNDENIABLE  MISTAKE IN THIS NEWSPAPER--IT IS NOT ONLY VERY SAD TO NOTE BUT BORDERS ON ATROCIOUS NEGLIGENCE .
                                 "If u note in the picture the article explains the unexplainable actions of the individual but whats more glaring is the girl in the picture is clearly shown with "HER FACE NOT MASKED "-Yes it is appreciable the paper has taken steps to hide the girls private parts --but its very sad to note the same care has not been taken for the girls face (the spot has been marked as i personally did not want to publicise it once more )-Is it not a act of carelessness or is it just acceptable irresponsibility ?--Cmon the girl might be a unmarried person and it may affect her future badly or if she is married it will still affect her family life--its a loss-loss situation for her ,,"Where was the necessity for publishing the picture with her face ????Is it not media's responsibility to take care of what they are publishing to the world ???
                                  Maybe it might not be noticed by everyone but there is alarming danger of sumone known to the  concerned person might notice and it might affect her and turn her  life upside down ,,or matter of fact anyone in any inapporpriate state--its not a photoshoot at any point of matter ,While there is no denying that newspapers have been the one's which  brings to limelight such pathetic actions -- the public appreciate the pain and risk that involve in getting these news to public,,But at the same time the same media and newspapers have responsibility to make sure  that the innocent people  are not affected in the quest of publishing wrong deeds.
                                    The same matter of fact happened during the incident of Swamiji and a once famous  actress--While the incident came as a absolute shock --it was very disheartening again for me to see the incident portrayed with lot of focus on the actress --which seemed pointless given the issue was all that of a well known  swamiji misconducts --after all there is still place for free will in this world ,isnt it ?--u can do things as and when u want without harming others -what was her mistake if it was her or any other lady it was no crime --but she came to limelight even though the spotlight was supposedly on sumone else  --i always wondered why they couldnt mask the lady if they wanted to show the swamiji's misconducts??
                                      My point might get lost or not noticed as im one among the million of common men but a fact is a fact --there is no denying that --"If u want to be responsible for bringing out wrong things then u r responsible for making sure the wrong one's are the only one's who are affected and ABSOLUTELY NOONE ELSE",Wishing sumday it happens because it is only fair that innocent people dont suffer of irresponsible or careless mistakes ,,only then this world will be a better place to live
                                   (Written in my perspective of a particular happening that really irked me to write this blog  --not meant to hurt anyones feelings--if so its highly regretted)



  1. A few thoughts..
    What part of the incident of swamiji & actress-used-to-be came as an absolute shock? Why would any act among consenting adults be a shock? Why is she innocent and the swami at fault? Why shouldn't the media have reported who the female was?

    The fourth estate is not a judiciary. Its job is to report the news. While not covering up the face in the photo is negligence, we have to accept the fact that reporting any wrong-doing will cause collateral damage. it is not the responsibility of the media that only the wrong ones are affected by the news.

  2. See the point was to bring to limelight the misconducts of the swamiji --what i meant was ur point only --the female could have been anyone and could be avoided because as u said a act among consenting adults isnt a crime ,,thts what i have said too ,,the matter went to a level where the swamiji cleverly hid behind the actress and almost escaped attention ,,,thts the issue i felt was not right --the main objective of reporting that issue was lost because of beinging into limelight the entire cast-still think the female had no fault -she did what she liked --why was she portrayed as a criminal was my point --it could have been avoided--im not sayin it is a must --u should consider everythin as a whole na maddy :)

  3. I still dont see what's the swamiji misconduct. People who wear saffron can't indulge themselves? What was the need for him to hide at all?
    Lets take a general incident as an example, someone does something wrong and an other person is also involved. Maybe the involvement is that they were consenting, maybe accomplice, maybe a bystander who did nothing to prevent the crime, and I'm sure there are many way to get involved in a crime without even being present at the scene.
    Now if the press gets hold of this information, should they mask or filter it so that only the key person is exposed? What gives them the authority to decide who is guilty and who is not, when they are supposed to report only the news?

  4. Y do it in some mask--and its a mssk which is supposed to be dvoid of such actions --so isnt rite na --anyhow it differs from each one's perspective--there are restrictions to live life in certain ways if u wear safrn--atleast its perceived genrally that way--so u have to take that into account too ,,anyone as i said it depends on how u see it - it depends on various factors -so it is a never ending debate but have to be appreciative of perspectives rather than tryin for a conclusion :)