Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Free Will"

                  " Im not here to satisfy anyone -My Life is entirely my choice-a clarified exhibition of my free will -i expect my life to be known so --not here to be sumone's best puppet "

                               --- that was many years ago my best mate  who made me understand  the importance of "free will "-- sumthing which should be first among all ur decisions --because it comes from what u feel -not  of what others want u .
                                     The last week was strange one -one of my brother like pals fell in love with a girl he was friend with ---was in a relationship for a year and more --and as in all cases eventually his family got to know abt this when there was talk of marriage ---and there was nothing short of earthquake in his house --hie phones were snatched ,,vehicle key was refused ,,even his credit and debit cards were refused to be given to him citing him to change heart to get all--this was all done by people in his own family!! --he was almost house arrested for doing what he did out of his own free will --"Love sumone he liked "was his biggest crime --and i have been seeing people going through time and time again for years now --it took me very long time to beleive this concept --as i felt it might border on lingering guilt in my heart if i took anything that might seem offensive to my people .
                                   For the first time in my life i felt anger for a family taking that decision --it was not first time i heard that --but it was first time i beleived that "the boy a dad loves,,the son a mom feels proud ,,a brother siblings feel happier to be with --a total family person -is rudely punished for respecting his "free will " and standing by his love --holy crap cant sumone out of the family be fair and see the real picture --i felt really sick this time --how many times am i gona hear it from a frd ?will this ever change in my lifetime ?--The first time it happened i was a spectator and years later im still a spectator witnessing the same drama enacted by different actors if i was to consider the world a stage as shakepeare quoted .
                                   Profession,love,life,wishes ,wants --all this has to be of one 's own free will --and if sumone is feeling guilt for trying to do so then it is the family that has to be embarassed not the individual --strongly believe if u dont have the discretion to decide ur choices and options in life you are just disrespecting ur life --there is not one life bereft of wishes ,wants ,love ,passion --its not about who deserves better -its about whats life all about --and noone wants to be anyones favourite puppet with strings attached to them and not to the individual --there cannot be a worse breach of freedom than forcing sumone to bury one's own free will for the benefit of everyone else --bcoz to the individual its gross injustice even if it is never told .
                                  When i heard the frd break down i felt uneasy silence --i felt like ---its been goin on from the time i knew abt things it seems it will be there long after im gone!! -But there is a solution to all this --simple one -If u love sumone dearly in ur family just accept their  decision if it seems alright --because to wait for ur answer is out of respect --to see it as a crime and punish them is just being grossly unfair to life itself --I wish one day there is this world where free will is appreciated ,respected  --not seen as a crime --not seen a offense and for the love of god not seen as a reason to encourage enemity --i wish not to be spectator yet again because i feel uneasy numbness of waiting and hoping ,,i once remember my best mate quoting

               "My choices are not lost --its just that it  always seems to be last"

                                    Wish sumday i have reason to say the opposite ,,,,,,,,,,


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  1. You've taken me back through all my life.