Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Go Sachin Please !!

                                              "My first sports hero --hero to millions -One of the humblest guys known -One of the best batsman in history -India's greatest sportsman in the last 25 years -- As I read once in  sportstar edition in the year 1998 -"King Of Kings "------SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR --I wanna remember him as such ,,,,Always--so do millions of people !!!
                                                 While i was watching Champions league T20 --Mumbai Vs Sydney Sixers ---Sachin was batting --and he was batting like someone else who resembled that great hero  --Battling to prove to the world sumthing --but what ?and moreover why ?--Has any other player served the nation with so much dedication --this much passion --this much longeivity --almost 25 years -since the first time a baby faced boy stood up to the  mighty Pakistanis--and showed what he was to become in the future --A WORTHY INCOMPARABLE CHAMPION.
                                                  I still remember so many magnificent headings in the newspapers when he shouldered India's name even while the team was faltering ,,

               " Sachin stands tall among shambles --India recalls Sachin tendulkar for 5th match in Sahara series against Pakistan,1997 --the champion returns and scores 80 odd after travelling 1000 miles for one match

               -Sachin stands like a Casablanca - after making 122  at Edbagston-96 when the whole team was crumbling like nine pins "

              "Even a sandstorm cant stop Sachin from taking India to finals -Coca Cola Cup"

           "Sachin -The best batsman in the world so many times "and when i read a heading "King of kings" after his expolits in sharjah 1998
                                                                   --it felt perfect --to a player in absolute pomp and without doubt  the best batsman then --i did not miss any of his match for years --once even i missed my university exam for hoping to watch him bat early morning  (Australia tour 99-00)-Such was the influence of the great man --i was never the only one who wanted to be like that --i always was one among thousands who thronged the tv screens to get a glimpse of "our hero"-I used to make prayers for him to win Man of Match awards --i used to cut pieces in magazines which wrote about him --they were endless --Still remember his photograph with Sir Don Bradman and he calling Sachin the closest to him in playing style --and he was one among the elite in Bradmans XI--this was a guy who simply made everyone's day by his sheer presence and was yet humble always .I could never imagine another sporting hero as Sachin Tendulkar .
                                               The last one year or so it has changed or it seems ---He accepted a  glittering expensive felicitation by Mumbai's and Bollywoods biggies in celebration of his monumental achievement of reaching 100 -hundreds in  international cricket ,,he went on accepting few more felicitations --then he remarked that "Only i will decide when i retire "--skipped a test series for India  after playing IPL fully ---Not that he doesnt deserves all the plaudits --he deserves hell a lot for carrying our nations pride for years on his shoulders --every indian felt relief and pride for Sachin lifting the World Cup --his dream for 22 years ---everyone shared the happiness and satisfaction -"BUT ALL THIS  IS SIMPLY NOT U SACHIN "
                                              Form is temporary - Class is permanent --this world will not see another player like Sachin --Another human being like Sachin --Being famous never got to his head unlike many others --"Almost Never--until the last bit of his spectacular career --that is how he might be remembered if he goes on playing -accepting felicitations  very unlike him and getting bowled by bowlers who in his pomp would have been scared to bowl a ball to the great man --Now unusually it is us --his die hard fans all his career who are scared of him getting bowled and feeling embarrased that all this might ruin a flawless career  --undeniably a spectaculat torch bearer of Indian Sports --I remember watchin him sitting with pads on after getting bowled trying desperately to forget the lapse nervously --Here was a hero who might be just fading but more importantly who is stuttering to accept its time to go --Even Sachin Tendulkar has to retire one day --and tht day seems nearer --i dont want him to get humiliated by selectors asking him to go like The Great Richards ,,The Great Kapil Dev and some other great cricketers .
                                         Just Go Sachin --U won our hearts 23 years back --u inspired millions -u gave hope to every indian --u might be the last warrior of the coveted Indian Middle Order that had some great names --but we want to remember u as a Gladiator --as sumone was the epitome of pride in Indian Sports internationally --We wanna remember you as a king who thrilled our senses with god given talent --You have achieved everything --You have nothing to prove to  anyone ----Please dont stay more and make us feel bit bad for our hero --For me i almost remember everything of your career --once nothing made me happy than seeing u win matches --now it feels as bad to watch u crumble and refusing to go whilst we all remember ur wonderful moments and it would be a utter disgrace and height of unfortunateness if the current generation and next remembers u as the one who struggled in his last days as player --It still matters for millions that u bid adieu with head held high and  real smile in those lips --for only that will be a fitting farewell --our happy tears await that moment bit quickly than u might have wished -but
                                "A hero Like u should live in our hearts like a hero --ALWAYS "

                    ---Please Go Sachin--and let us remember as u were always meant to be ---A HERO --A CHAMPION BEYOND COMPARE "

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