Friday, October 19, 2012

"Teach Me "

      A day i will never forget in my life
      One evening in early 2000's  
                                                    "Its enough buddy --leave ur dad and come with us we will find a way --u have everything --u have decent enough job-a wife ,a kid--y do u need to hear his crap u have been hearing for 20 years " many years back  it was yelled towards Narain  by his best friend-Narain replied "Nothing changes the fact that he is my father "  --i had known Narain for 10 odd years -He became a known friend through his hobby of photography which was my profession for long time--Never a close friend but happened to know him good enough--Nothing about him was extraordinary-he carried a uneasy silence --His father was a vry rough man whose roots had been from very orthodox measures--I felt sorry for him manytimes-felt few times angry on his dad but the fact we were not intimate friends i always maintained a distance from him
        This Rainy Morning in 2012 ; 
                                                      I met him admittedly after many years --he was into his late thirties  and it showed ,he had lost his hair --he looked far different --his daughter was grown up girl -i accidentally met him --talked for sumtime--that uneasy silence was still there --"H r u man still getting kicked by ur old man ?"--He just smiled and said "Dad expired last year "-I felt bad for my stupid question --he continued "He was a great man--his place in my life will remain void till my last"-i just became a listener -"U know buddy he was always strict ,,maybe he wanted me to be better than  him --he knew early i was never good enough -he was never able to accept the fact that his son would not fulfil his dreams --thats what made him a rough person to the world i guess"--i thought he was speaking to overcome the loss --then he said sumthing that brought a tear in my eyes ,My dad was affected by lung cancer --he was diagnosed in last stage--he passed away shortly --the last words he said to me was

                                 "You are the best son any father could have had "
                                                    Narain continued as he was leaving --"Relationships are not entirely by choices -He was my beginning and his words are worth my life"--he seemed a hero to me --perhaps he had maturity at such a young age that he could accept realities as they were and blame noone,i wanted to ask him "Teach me" .
                                                  " U cannot change everything u dont like --u maynot be the son who made ur dad proud--u may not be the husband a wife wants --u may not be the father ur kid wishes to idolise -u may not be the lovely mate ur frds wished -u may not be the lover ur girl wished (even if the girl was a angel )--not the son a great ,great mother hoped --but remember not everything is ur choice ---u have to live with what u r given with - there is always a unknown greatness in people who love u ---even if u r unable to see that   -never underestimate anyone's love --from the time there was life in this world it still remains the cheapest yet priceless thing in the world "
                                                   My heart envies that proud son of a prouder father --after all u live for such moments --u dont plan such poignant moments --sumtimes it takes a lifetime -so what --to hear sumthing like that a lifetime is worth every moment in gold .I may never see him again but if i do i will surely ask him "Teach Me ".


  1. I wish everyone could understand the motive behind this article. Love your parents..
    Kudos to the writer for putting this in front of the world. It has given me to think again for my parents and yes I dont remember I had been more serious anytime before. Thank you..