Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just Leave It To Your Heart,,,Always

  Dedicated To one of my best mates and good buddy Sembian Pugalmani  who triumphed  after a emotional week of  sorts ,,,,

  " I said nothing ---My buddy u said nothing too
    I wanted to tell u loud --ur kid will be alright --but i didn't
    U silently said " Thank you "with ur eyes
    If anybody deserves some good luck for being a gud person all life  it was u i thought
    Fourteen years since u first called me "friend "
    To be your best mate on ur marriage day was a priveleage
    All those fourteen years i never knew u could cry
    When u did as a emotional father of a beautiful angel i felt the wetness of your unseen tear
     And all along i thought i have become emotionless and lonely
      Little did i realise that even with one friend for life u are never alone --forever !!
      Today i heard u smile a relieved person having won a emotional battle
      I am relieved too --Maybe what the heart feels a mind can never understand !!
     "Everytime i question myself why i should not be pessimistic in life
       I find a gud human being -giving me a  better reason to never be so
       Maybe its true --should just leave it to my heart,,,,,,,,always .!!!!

Cheers !!

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