Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Life Is A Timed Masterpeice "

One of the toughest long days in memory  ,
          " I just dont wanna desert my search for love --i just want to desert loneliness "

                                    " Diwali -- Festival of lights "--A day perceived to bring more light to our lives but oddly today seemed the most unhappening diwali of my life --Is it a irony or just a process of events in life that were always meant to happen is debatable --but undeniable is what it is.Strangely Diwali has the biggest impact in my life ---it used to be the biggest occasion day in my life for 20 years --the dresses -the crackers --the sweets --the guests --the friends visit --the new movies on televison --the fun of the day always made me look to this day every year
                                       Diwali became a marked day when my wonderful mom passed away exactly on diwali day --It is almost a decade i have celebrated the day with that same vigour --maybe the day has left with me too much significance to underplay it .Where once it was marked by smiles all around --by friendly banters by innumeorus friends --by sharing of sweets in the wee hours cracking senseless jokes with buddies --by innocuous late night calls with online friends --the day gave me endless happiness --some moments frozen for eternity --that i can feel the moments as fresh as a daisy --so beautiful it was --but reality sometimes hits you hard when u least expect it too --In matter of years the same day that gave endless joy just seemed the toughest  day . imaginable

       " From the beginning i thought i was destined to search love but
           seems loneliness was destined to find me before that --always !!!"                            
                                      How time has changed --perhaps life is  a timed masterpiece - a pre written piece of our future that  can never be predicted --the best hope is to find solace in our belief -never change them for anything at anytime even if it comes at a deadly price--because as i said we can never guess the next happening -- Call it irony --Call it coincidence of fate --defeat to inevitability --price for trying to find my solace in "Love "--this day seemed loneliness had won the battle ---almost ---because there is a tommorow to be seen and a life to be lived !!!!

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