Monday, December 17, 2012

Is This Right ????

**** It felt really disheartening from a individual point of view to see this advertisement with regard to sad story in a Leading English Newspaper ---Im neither a critic nor a supporter of a particular political party--im just one among million men --Just a Common man****
My sincere questions regarding this advertisment in the front page of Leading English newspaper on 16.12.2012

* Was there any absolute need to advertise such a sensitive incident where the trauma of the family can never be understood by outsiders ---Is it not important to leave them their space after all that had transpired ?

* Is this any sort of awareness that was being created?If So what sort of awareness was the daily trying to create (It seemed the way they had specifed about all mobile users accessibility it does seem it was nowhere near anything as such )

* The purpose of this advertisement doesnt seem to comply doing anything to the incident that occured --Why not a article briefing about how ppl could handle this situation ?

* Why was not any scathing attack on the radio station ppl whose careless fun ended a innocent life( it was revealed that the person was not at all exposed to any such media in her whole life )-Is it wrong to pinpoint what could have been better ?

* Is there no value for life ? Does everything need to be in business mind?Is this the maximum media can show concern to departed soul in a sensitive incident ?

* If it was done on a sincere note why could not it be announced as it was of free of cost message,or something like that  --all this  conveys is only a silly marketing purpose that at any cost could have been avoided .
On A Similar note --


----What is the guarantee that the icident would not be similarly advertised- adveritsing for application for people to download and "watch exclusive videos of people grieving in that incident too???"--Seriously are we   wantedly ignorant  that much to download a application to participate in the grievings of our fellow being which seems absurd for all that we are worth for - Hell No --"We wish to be part of grievances from our soul and heart -Period !!!

This is not a global sporting incident neither a heroic battle won that needs a download application to be viewed over and over again --And despite every difference we have for each other one thing that unites us -is our "Solidity Of Mankind-Our Love for Humanity is same" --even one minute of silence in our hearts is appreciable enough --because that is done in the truest way possible --our sincere wishes are all the grieved family needs --I just remember the "Twin Tower "incident --the "Mumbai Terror "incident --we all offered our prayers in our little ways --THAT IS THE BEST WE COULD GIVE TO SOULS WE NEVER KNEW --AND CERTAINLY NEVER TO DOWNLOAD A APPLICATION  TO PARTICIPATE IN A GRIEVANCE .

I still feel so bad seeing that --maybe there should be restriction for marketing --not everything needs marketing --and cerainly not everything needs needless advertisment -and that too on the front page --All i hope is better sense prevails in sensitive iissues .

(Everything said has been said entirely on my humble perspective -not meant to hurt anyone if so it is regretted )

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