Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Respect Women !!!

"A Woman is the epitome of every emotion u have seen and yet to see
  Right from the beginning she learns to hide her pain
  Hides her secrets --buries her wishes --confides her joy in silence
  Be it as a caring mother ,a loving wife ,a naughty sister ,a adorable daughter,a supportive frd
  She Forgets her requisites and adapts to social needs
  She Suffers lot why give her more !!!
  Show me a man who never had a woman in his life for his beginning was
  Always from a woman --To hurt any woman is like disgracing your Mother
  If you are prepared to do something --the least you can do is respect them !!
                                 It has to be one of the blackest days in the history of our Nation ---When Men became animals ---when a innocent girl was torn by heartless men who showed by their barbarious activities that they are not fit enuf to be even called as human beings --Could not read the story more than once --For once i felt ashamed being in the same gender as these heartless people were from --To injure a unarmed girl so badly --to sexually assault her like animals --what sort of human being would do that --Disgraceful and disgusting act that questions the very existence of humanity in this world -Even worse had followed the incident -One hour - the girl lying in the road with noone to take notice is the most pathetic stage we are moving into --We are so concerned about the good of our own self --we are slowly forgetting the importance of a life --the care we need to show to our fellow being who is suffering .

                                  It feels so hard to watch the convicts moving around without being punished immediately -- for the heart wishes for capital punishment immediately as justice --but we live in a place where a terrorist who killed so many lives moved around courts and lived for more than 4 years despite having every evidence of his inhuman crime --so it is hard to expect any drastic action for any crime --the best thing we can do is hope we never live to hear something so sad like this in our lives --but that is not a good enuf reason to stand still and watch --yes we are not shakthimans or superheroes but we can do our basics right -Some things we can do like 
                         **** We can teach our kids how to respect a woman -
                         **** Try to understand and implement the fact that  the role of woman is equally important as a male in this society
                         **** Make sure Rapists have capital punishment immediately if proved guilty
                         **** Most importantly allow woman to choose their path and lives if possible
(I still live in a society where a girl choosing a job or guy seems as the  worst disgrace imaginable to a family)
                               I write this with utter humiliation and heartfelt sadness

      "If you ought to torture a fellow human being without any remorse

        Then you are not fit enough to be called a human being

         Neither are you just enough to live in this world --But I

         Live in a country which just has too much patience even for the  worst offenders

         Wake up for once country these are our fellow human beings disintegrated!!!

             I do sincerly hope that the guilty are punished in such a way this sort of crime never happens --The question again is Will We See A Bold Step Being Taken ?
Feel Like Hanging my head as would  thousands  of us in Shame !!!My Sincere wishes to that innocent girl to recover from all this pain soon,May God help her in recovering soon and have a happy life ahead .

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  1. Thanks Surbhi--this feels really wodnerful --Words fail me --Im very happy for this --Thanks again !!!