Thursday, February 28, 2013

Every Sister Is An Important Part Of Every Brothers Beautiful Life !!!

(Dedicated to my  lovely sister -Archana Karthikeyan celebrating her  birthday today)
                         ** As she walked away into  a new family --i felt the whole weight of the world -it was not as  if i had lost my happiness --it was the truth that i will never have that special sumone everyday in my life who will ask me whatever she wants believing i will get no matter what --that is what i will miss most **
                        ----- As every brother feels for every sister so did i when my only blood born sister got married few years back .
                                Life is to be celebrated because time is  one constraint that we can't control at any cost ,The beginning we may have  just one or two sisters --but the moment u realise the presence of urself in this world u begin ur search for happiness --sisters epitomise that journey --hand in hand we walk towards our untold destination --searching for answers to tough questions -she becomes the first person who asks us her wishes with belief  that we wont disappoint her (a mother expects nothing:))-- Her love coated in anger --a sister is a magical path that every brother travels to eternal happiness --Many times in my personal life i have wondered and seen with my own eyes that a girl as a sister endowers happiness and worries in same measure yet supporting you with the same commitment ,loyalty and belief she did from the time she held ur hands with a  smile ,that is a sister --she will do anything to make her brother smile --even if it means holding all her tears to make him smile .
                               Its just not the sisters you are born with who make u feel that magic --that magic that doesnt make u feel lonely at any cost --there are inevitably few other girls ,women that come into ur life who make ur life a beautiful garden to walk along because they are prepared to walk along the thorns that life throws at u without a second thought --its not the physical presence that matters --its the mental support that they give u even afer marriage --because a brother is the first best friend every sister encounters --and she makes sure she gives her all to have that efferevescent feeling for life despite anything .For me personally i take long time to take someone as a sister --but once taken they never change --a platonic relationship that  makes my heart feel beautiful every single time u meet such people --there has been cases where i knew few people for several years(some of them i havent met -knew only through online ) who have given exactly the same amount of happiness day in and day out ,that word surely has something that always makes u feel better .
                               I remember travelling 30  odd kms to see Archana and her husband Karthick who  himself had become close enuf like a family guy  as yrs went by --the whole travel had the purpose of seeing someone who gave me unbridled love every single time despite never growing up with me --I was served food with the love of my mother -i remembered not what i was served but how it was served --with a smile right from the heart and not a single word uttered but i heard a million with that eyes and smile -8 years till then i loitered around aimlessly ,desperately ,to find that love my mom served me food ,,for couple of hours it felt as if time had stopped to make me enjoy that moment ,one of the happiest i have had ever and sumthing that wil stay with me for life --the love of a sister is the purest form of love that is only inferior to that of a mother --maybe u can term them as a second mother --its true they expect things from u --but they feel its their birthright --that is what makes them special because they make u feel special by small small things .
                                I was priveleged enough to be born to a wonderful sister --but despite whatever happens from now --i have been in someways a blessed soul because i am blessed with some wonderful,wonderful people who just kept coming and making my life worth living despite whatever hurdles i encountered -My Beautiful memories includes my struggles not just my joy -the support i have had is truly beyond words and description.To have reached a stage where loneliness doesnt affect me i owe every inch of tht willpower to those amazing sisters ,Sisters whom i have sometimes behaved stupidly ,,scowled meaninglessly,spoken carelessly,misunderstood idiotically ,,yet always have loved them endlessly because a sister cannot be replaced in life --no matter what ---period -the meaning of believing urself begins with their first request in anger to u --not in every case but in most cases .
                               As i write this my first memory of my sister as a small little kid sitting in kiddy cycle in blue skirt asking me to push from behind --beleiving that i will and i did and will do to all my wonderful sisters till my time runs out --the joy of this life lies in small small things that ur heart notes and mind reads when u need them for the next day --i have plenty courtesy my sweetheart sisters--Given another chance to wish for another birth i wont --because this time it has been momumentally special and im in the course of making it extra special--I just love my sisters as does every brother in this world --SOOOO   MUCH !!!
                           Special mention to  Rajeswari ,Shabana ,Nithya,Priya Garhwal ,Seema Sandeep,Deepa Ravi,Priya Tak (Miss u every single day Piyu),Nalini ,Maghima ,Mounika ,Disha Soni ,Jaya Suresh )
    " A Sister loves her brother so much  --A brother simply never stops loving his  sister"
Cheers !!!

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