Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time !!!

             I just got a question in my mind "What has  indeed  been the role of time in my life?"                                                                                                  
       Time was --
                 Something i had plenty yet i never realised what a wonderful mom i had !!
                 Something i had plenty to play and very little to study !!
                  Something i had so much to dream and nothing to even try them once  !!
                  Something i had when i thought of hiding something and nothing when i had to
                   reveal a true fact !!
                   Something i had plenty to walk with someone never knowing it was more than
                    just a walk !!
                   Something i never gave to people who loved me but gave so much to
                   people who   used me !!
                   Something i had plenty to hide my passion but none to express the same !!
                   Something i had plenty to see a magnificent human being getting hurt  -- none
                   to say "Im Sorry Mom for letting u down all life "
                   Something i had plenty to find many "wrong persons"--but had none to find my
                   "right person "
                   Something i had plenty to spend with "my soulmate " but had none to stop her
                    when she decided to leave
                   Something i had/have plenty to meet so many people who mean nothing to me
                    yet none to meet some  great people in my life !!
                    Something that i have plenty to fight with people but none to remind them how
                    much i love them even in those fights!!
                     In Short time was -

                                        Something that i had in plenty to "not be me "but nothing "to be me "
        Maybe it is true they say" Life is a Time -less Masterpiece "--because u have little or no time to realise the wonderful things/people in life --there in lies the secret --the things that takes too much of ur time may not be the ones that matter at the end of the day --the opposite surely  is--atleast in my case it is  !!!
Cheers !!                           


  1. True!!! You have very neatly woven all the facts.
    I loved the lower half of the post.Kudos!!!

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

  2. Thanks Surbhi --As Always thanks for ur support :)!!!