Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"The Theory Of Compromising "

             " Compromising - The real fact is "You try to be what u r not and end up being what u r "

                                                Many years before i used to think "Whats the big deal in compromisin --After all you are not gona lose anything by being so "--It seemed so simple then --What once started as a playful duty to satisfy sumone we love slowly became a unwritten rule of responsibility -then inevitably becomes an undeniable expectation --An expectation that for sure will make u feel like carrying two people at the same time --What gets lost is ur identity --ur individuality -ur happiness --Nothing kills u like expectations does.How much is so much is the biggest unanswerable question regarding things that bother us badly .
                                                The biggest irony is we think we are compromising just for the sake of people we love and in truth we never change what we are --but the thought of compromising is what makes the reality an absolute impossibility .A simple thought process of ur life would lead u to answer this question .

               "No matter how hard u try to compromise yourself to gel with sumone u love there will  always be a part of u that will try to pull u back to ur own self --and in most cases  win eventually "
           " A dad wants his son to be a representation of what he had visualised
             A  brother wants us to be equally good or better than him
             A sister always wants to be the proudest sister in the world
             A husband /wife want their better half to be the best role model to the world ,
             A mom always wants her son to be the best human being in the world,
                    Then the biggest question ----
                             Can u sucessfully compromise urself to  realise all these wishes?? -We try to be the answer to all these wishes and in the end be none of the above and    during the course of this realisation  forget what the real identity we are born with ,,There maybe people who vehemently disagree with this perception but those people will be outnumbered by people who go through --and yes this is from personal experience too --not just read in some book to quote out here ,If u can contradict me by saying that a l person doesnt need all this introspection then there is a big question of whom do u call a successful person --One with fame ,name ,more than enough money -a family appearing eye pleasing ,,heart warming ???---All these are analysis made on the basis of ticking the boxes with regard to society and world but to a individual the reason for him to be perceived this has been in most cases an alarming level of compromises made purely to accomadate more people in his /her life ,,Again his real wish of being someone he wants is lost in this calamity of trying to satisfy the whole world therby slowing losing the real person he /she was born with .
                                   Many times in my life i have wondered why am i not able to cope up with my so called compromises that i tried making for other people to stay in my life(people whom i loved and love endlessly even now ) and yet lost them--i never understood that concept for long but i slowly now realise that somewhere along the line i refused to change the person i was born to be --That is precisely the danger of keeping on compromising --u cannot compromise the person u r --we just try and in the end fail what we ought to be and lose what we try to be --the reason why there are so many misunderstandings ,breakups --staying apart theory --lies in this one common word --Compromising-The real fact is "You try to be what u r not and end up being what u r "
                                    If u r born flawed so be it --there is noone flawless as such --people make mistakes ---people are loved for their honesty in appearing what they are -Remember u make frds ,relationships intially by whatever u r --nobody foresees the someone u try to become to be loved more -There is a certain level of comfortness that true love helps us in accomodating people we deserve in our lives --the problem arises when we cross that limit and try acting different --looking for more comfort and love - Abundance of anything is a danger sign for unbearable losses -Next time if u think about compromising something beyond the realms of possibility of what u r as a person -"Never try to be "--absolutely "Never "--Be whatever you are and you could be --you could be give peace to the most important person u should consider first --"Yourself ":):)--Finiahing off with a quote told by my good mate some yrs ago

                        " I might have had lot of people if i kept compromisin --That i did not was down to me refusing to get lost eventually --Its just one life -I wanna live  and leave on my terms "


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