Friday, March 15, 2013

"Birthdays " --A Day That Gives You Happiness For A Lifetime !!!

      To my sweetest brother Sandeep Sheoron  who celebrates his birthday today --Happy Bday Brother --Luv U loads )

            " Every Birthday is a chance for me to know that im not lonely and  more imporatantly a chance for me to know the people i should never forget in life "
                                                       How do you show u love sumone truelly ?-How do u show to people you care for them from bottom of heart ? How do you find a opportunity to get a sure forgiveness for a silly mistake?How do you express your respect to sumone who means lot to u ?How do you share your happiness with sumone u know ?---Well im not creating a quiz competetion --but all these has one common simple answer --one simple day to remember --"Birthday" of that particular person--Some might say whats the big deal--"Its just another day "--the truth it just isnt just another day if the person is sumone whom u love truelly or if the person is sumone who loves you dearly --its just not a show off day--it in many ways  a day when ur heart feels like it has got what it deserves albeit be for one day --in many ways a mark of respect for what the other person has been in your life --respect for holding you,,supporting you ,,caring you without any conditions and demands --the one thing love demands is just "love".
                                                        A Sister/brother no matter how old you are waits for your birthday every year to wish you with that childish happiness they first showed you  --a dad waits to feel prouder every year to see his son /daughter has made him proud in the past yr --a mother --well she just gets happier every birthday --and makes sure she is the happiest person in the world for her kid --then comes a friend --friend expects nothing but give you everything they have -- second only to a mother --there is a whole year but a birthday comes just once --reason --to see how special you can make it people you love thereby finding a happy part of you that is revealed in such joyous moments .
                                                      I from my young age got excited to know birthdays of people who came into my life --it became a habit --even people i met very few times i remembered their birthdays clearly ---people whom i loved i never forgetted their birthdays --the joy of life is realising you dont get endless oppourtunities to be part of special moments as and when u wish --the best opportunity comes on this day ----Birthday--Forget it you will regret it for a year sure .
A word or two about my little brother --Bday Bhai :)
                                                      Sandeep Sheoron --the hero of this blog ---one of the inimitable heroes in my life whom i look upon for inspiration --for dogged spirit --for a willpower that woke up many of my sulken days --and a sense of humour that once brightened so many people's life --a die hard spirit that catapulted a ordinary run in the mill guy into sumone inspiring --we look upon great heroes and celebrities  for inspiration --but for me  the people i meet ( many of them --i should say ppl i havent met ,,lolz)are my inspirations ---that i dont read much is my biggest drawback --but i have always loved to interact with people--This guy -the most wonderful person in my life i havent met even after nearly 8 years --the brother who gave me smiles hiding his tears --who fights adversity with a heart that even god envies --the only person who gave shape to my biggest passion --i would have died one day a poorer person knowing i never had a chance to realise my passion but for this humble wonderful brother of mine -Sumone who has been just like a unforgettable dream -every single time you are down that dream makes you feel better --sandeep was ,is and will always be one such in my life -maybe sumone in your day to day life will be same --if only we  paid that bit extra attention to what life has offered us  --you dont need a reason every single time to feel happiness --you meet people for a reason --sumtimes u dont meet people for a reason too --Maybe God's way to test how much you respect the love of that person .
                                                       If u meet sumone by online --u like that sumone as a person just dont give second thoughts of becoming a friend ---i have had number of amazing coincidences of making friends with people i never saw --believe me it is a wonderful experience you should have in life --first time love is unforgettable --but unseen frdship during course of time is even more  unforgettable --Birthdays are extra reason for you to give importance to people who mean sumthing in life --reasons that will make u feel better every single time you remember about that sumone in your life .
                                                      Its just  one single life ---once you cross 25 --you wont have time to celebrate your birthday nor remember the ones of your loved ones ,,money is one big myth that almost defeats everything existing in this world ---Sadly in search of less important factors like money ,fame ,name ,   days like birthdays which symbolises our happy times  have lost their true value --and im no exception although i desperately try to not to be so ,I have celebrated birthdays in rain --in candle light dinner --with 50 friends once singing happy bday --every time im put to test by life these days --i just remember those pleasant days-- in  troubled times when fate seems a born winner my bait to fate to escape its wrath has always been such wonderful memories and it works every single time and im sure it will every single time --you can try if u dont believe :)
                                 "  What Money cant give --What Fame cant give
                                    Sumtimes a simple "Happy Birthday " can !!
    In many ways there is no more meaningful days in any relationships than a birthday --because what you do in one day remains unperturbed for eternity --Remember "it aint just another day "
C ya
**(For those who read patiently thanks a lot --i know its bigger than my usual blogs but the person is one of the biggest influences in my life and birthdays is sumthing that i wish is given more importance to cherish the beauties of this one single short life we are given )**

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