Friday, March 8, 2013

Celebrate Women -- Celebrate Life !!!!

           "A Women is the epitome of all the best things a man aspires to be in life"
                                              "See son you are good enough to know about life now --its important that you not only respect women but make sure u never harm them --afterall never forget in life your mom is also a woman "---Only couple of times in my life have i heard mom be stern about certain aspects ---One was how to see women . Have been quite privelged to have had some great woman in life all along to have admiration beyond words .
                                                But the world is not the same it was 20 years ago --in my part of the world especially --A woman suffers the wrath of man's anger physically and mentally,I have written lot about Nirbhaya --My heart bleeds every single time i think abt that and scary truth is she is not the only one suffering ---These following news links are just few of innumeorus incidents that is happening around our place
                                                I had a mother who worked tirelessly never thinking about her --i lived with a sister who forgot all her desires to become responsible --i have had the best soulmate in world who never saw me in real but cared me from heart for years --and i have had a wonderful sumone who spoke so much with just the movement of her eyes --i have had some great teachers --so many great women to marvel in my life and still marvel at some --i never had answers to question like Where did they get that patience or How do they posses so much trust on people they love ? --Being a guy i felt its hard to be on that level for a prolonged period of time .
                                               But women of today are being targetted mercilessly --tortured endlessly --sexually abused -harassed,and in some cases to the extent of murdering them remorselessly --the cases have been sadly increasing and it feels very hard that im of the gender that has been primarliy responsible for all these hassels --im not sure of safety for my sisters ---i remembering walking my sister to the door of her house even though she is married for 5 years --subconsiously the feeling of "danger round the corner" lurks even for a grown up 30 plus guy for my sisters and known women --to term this place is insecured is like humiliating my wonderful country -because the people ruining this country are very few and do not fit into the category of human beings at all,,But the scars that incidents and people have left have become indeligible --something that cant be neglected as much as we wish --A shameful feeling for me personally as i grew up never expecting one day my gender will become reason for a girl to be afraid of as something potentially harmful .
                                              Few days back i walked along the road and went to buy flowers --i saw a young girl with wonderful angelic face selling flowers --i walked to her and got flowers for mom --and i forgot to get change --saw her yelling Anna !--Anna !!--i turned back ---and was shocked --that girl was without one leg --running to give the change i forgot --and as she came and handed me my change --she smiled and said "You forgot your change na --here"-with a angelic smile ---i said thanks and on the way returning felt scared
                      " When will my country be safe enough for women --Women with such  innocent smiles --pure hearts-when will such innocent helpless girls be guaranteed safety from some  remorseless wolves ready to hunt anytime"--i hope that is the day when a women will be happy when we wish "Happy Womens Day"--it all rest in our hands --us guys !!!
                                           "Celebrate Women to Celebrate life "

                                                                        ---- From Sumone who was taught not only to respect women but never to harm them --by a wonderful ,wonderful woman --My Mom !!!!!
C Ya


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