Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Mother Is Irreplaceable!!!!

  "I prefer my memories rather than  fanciful dreams --no dream would ever be better than the
     wonderful memories frozen in my mind of the most wonderful human being I ever knew
                                          ------------- My Mother ----------------!

                                                   " There are times in life when u feel as if walking with a  wonderful cool breeze  and a lovely little drizzle drops hitting your face --A moment when ur heart feels heavy and light at the same precise moment -- A moment when u feel urself as the  brightest star that is  invisible to the whole world --the brightness will be only for us - to  make us feel better than the previous sad  moment --Such memories are priceless and inevitable in our lives ---for me it has been always been one great person's memory that has driven me far away from my worries --one absolutely irreplaceable ,impeccable queen of my life ---My Mother !".

                                                  This kept ringing my head again and again -What makes a mother so remarkable --she is just another human being right  --- well maybe not !! , There are times when u feel that there is a possibility that  every relation could be half  replaced by sumone --there are wonderful human beings spread across the world  -- brothers  ,sisters  , a  elderly teacher could act as a fatherly figure sometimes ,,,a wonderful girlfriend lost may be replaced by a equally wonderful wife ---but  I could not imagine the same said for a mother --She can never be replaced --10 years and bit have rolled by without my mother and the void she left remains too large for me to even think of half replacing her -recently after falling to serious bout of chicken pox -I could see what really is magnaminous in a mother --with all due respects to all the wonderful people I ever knew and have --there seemed a distinct feeling that she was  incomparable and irreplaceable -- Simply the most unique mother a son could have had .

                A mother is irreplaceable because ----

                                     She gives everything without expecting anything --forever
                                     She smiles a moment before you realise a happiness
                                     She feels the wetness of ur tears before it comes our of ur eye
                                     She forgives u just seeing ur eyes after a mistake
                                     She holds you strongly when whole world is crumbling around u

            and I just want to add one more poignant point from my personal feeling

                "In moments of despair and sadness --when u feel so down --she just comes near u
                  and runs her hand though ur hair holding herself to u ---a magical touch  that kills
                  everything that hurts u - so much so u feel heaven in those moments "
                                                   My love ,admiration,,never ceased ever in life and probably never will  for my mother ever since I called her mother for the first time --but recently I found my respect for her grow even more seeing some unfortunate incidents --the fact that 20 years of my life with her had not a single moment of  any such incident was testimony to how much she should have resisted some tough moments to leave this kind of impression on people who knew her ---Recently I met a old family friend after 20 yrs ---the first thing she said was --Seeing u reminds me of your lovely mother --- I felt happy hearing those words --10 and half years have gone yet the memory of a person remains as fresh as a morning daisy --I felt that is how u should be remembered --that is how mothers are known and remembered in this world and I had the best mother I felt as would every proud son /daughter would feel of their mothers .
                                                 Through Incidents ,Occasions ,People ,Pictures ,Words ,Quotes and  sometimes even when im unwell my admiration for my mother keeps growing and the respect I have for her keeps growing --because if my life has reached this stage it was all of one marvellous person's relentless pursuit to allow me to believe even in direst of situations --that is why she remains the greatest person I ever knew in my life --ever irreplaceable --with respect even just more as life rolls on  --as I see every little kid with his /her mother I just smile seeing them thinking --"there is a good chance that person whom u r holding ur hand now will be the best person of ur life --no matter how long she stays with you --just pray it is for a eternity "

          " If happiness is about everlasting memories --then yes im the happiest person in the world
                                          Courtesy --An Incomparable Mother "

Cheers :)


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