Thursday, April 25, 2013

Every Individual's Responsibility Is A Nation's Pride!!!

                             * Outpouring of rage --debates all over media ,Angry outburst --and as soon as time flies all this are just a incident of past ---I feel as much as gutted seeing the barbarious actions by people who could not be categorised as human beings anymore after abusing a tender 5 yr old --There is a survey which has shown that abusing of women of all ages has just increased by the years . Strict Laws ,Stronger punishment all are fine but most of this can be avoided if the basics are put in proper place as a child grows-be it girl or boy --the beginning plays a very significant part in how u develop as a person.

       Along the line just think about the following points  
                             * Not many parents have time to teach girls about the various touches --so that they can differentiate between people trying to misbehave with them --ignorance is one of main issues why such terrible things happen --girls fall prey to such animals just because they dont know enuf --even a 5 yr old can be made aware if we are careful .Kids are so smart these days while so young which is undeniable .
                             * How many students are taught about sex in their young years --Only when u know what is right u could stop the wrong --to make it a hidden fact for years and suddenly expecting a teenage girl to know what it is just because of her age is unfair --and im saying it from growing in a society where the word is strictly prohibited to even utter in our teens .It has not changed for generations though there seems to be slight improvement it just isnt enuf to awaken a society.
                             * How many schools make it compulsory for girls to learn basic protective skills against impending dangers ?Physical training is  important but nowadays its even more important of girls knowing how to protect themselves against impending dangers--Is it not grave enuf already for ppl to empasise on this fact in schools ?
                             * Its very important to sit with growing up children and ask about their doubts and hesitations --Most of them just look for alternatives among themselves and often end up with wrong solutions.I remember my struggles as a growing kid when i had so many doubts but was so scared that i might be seen wrongly .
                             * Its no big secret that the best way to know about a teenage son/daughter is to see to their friends --like minded people often become best friends as per so many psychological analysis .
                             * Debates are out for banning porn videos --I seriously dont believe in this concept ---the more u try to hide something -the more the urge to find what it is ---there are millions of guys here in India and not every one of  us are  rapist --and banning such sites would increase the danger of more mishaps and more illetracy in this regard --its plain ridiculous to blame on such issues when a act of individual responsibility is all needed to arrest this danger --not banning websites --people know what lies in it and people dont live in it all day-again the numbers who are addicted are outnumbered by ones who arent ---seriously it is a lame issue if we are aware of our duties and responsibilities .

                           A very valid point that i saw in NDTV recently --points from Sunny Leone and John Abraham just comply the fact im putting up ---I quote from John "Did rapes existed before porn -yes "and Sunny Leone's point that its just fantasy and entertainment --maybe they have a point --its not for people who think its real--do we perform WWE actions just because we are followers or fans of the sport ? .
                              * I studied in a boys school completely --i studied for 14 years in a same school where there were only boys --despite childish urges ---teenages quests to know about opposite genders --there was not once incident which had slightest of such horrific resemblances --strictly dedicated teachers --strict parents --involvement in academic performances took centrestage --and i have never heard any such remorseless act by people who came out from my school or even  from my location and im talkin abt lakhs of people for prolonged period of time --It applies to so many places in India --Not all people act so remorselessly ---infact the numbers who are responsible by heart outdo such mannerless creatures(I hate to call them human beings).
                              *  I read a placard saying "Dont tell me how to dress --ask your son to behave properly "--I have a problem with lines as such---responsibility is same for both genders ---U cant deny there is no provocation if sumone dresses bit too modern  ---If a girl dresses in a bikini what do u expect a teenage guy to do --close his eyes and go --its hard --responsibility has to be there from  both sides ---Its ok to be modern but to blame it solely on male society is not fair  --there are millions of us who dont act like animals --there is significant need for  taking up responsibility honestly believing there are lot of us who could outdo few of this mindless acts  by such remorseless animals .
                              * Responsibility begins from us --every one of us ---from safeguarding ourselves first --then taking care of our children --trying to teach them whats right and whats wrong --teaching them what they need to know rather than what is just in books ---books dont safeguard our lives against barbarious acts --practical knowledge has to be implemented --for that to be implemented it has to get taught in the right age in right way .
                              * Concealing everything --hiding everything --will eventually lead to fighting against sumthing that has happened --why not be protective --being bit more responsible --being a little more aware --little more clarified on whats right and whats not and what should be done it aint right ---could make our country a better place to live --to expect lakhs of policemen to fight against a country whose populations is in millions is asking virtually for impossible to be possible ,,to fight for few days --hold placards for right things hoping justice will come knocking our doors are all just hoping against hope ,As i said as days go by all this becomes just a incident of past --its like you are using a painkiller to kill pain but what about wound which creates pain ?
                              * Our country our place -our people --to make it a worse place to live or better place to reside is entirely in our hands ---Can we sustain this fight on roads for months ?Can we do it day in day out forgetting about our individual pressures in life -the answer is "No ",The only way to counter this situations or lessen such happenings is by being aware and teaching awareness --by being careful and askin our dear ones to be careful --In simple terms "Just being more responsible "is all it requires to face such adverse situations ,,"Every Individuals Responsibility Is A Nation's pride "!!
           ("I promise to act more  responsibly--this is my place --I Respect women --and Im Not A Rapist --Millions like me arent --people who do this heinous crime dont belong to human race at all --will never be so too )

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