Thursday, May 2, 2013

Facebook Is A Boon Not A Bane !!!

"  If only we realise facebook is just a media to spread happiness and a way to stay in touch with our loved ones who live far away  "
                                "I dumped her before she could even think abt tht "--my frd said to me yesterday morning --i quizzed back What ,,When ,How and Why ?--he replied "Just Now --In facebook "--I was like R u Kidding me --In facebook ????--he said yes we had a chat abt couple of status messages i put up after a misunderstanding we had few days back--she showed lot of attitude back and i decided thats that --i unfriended her sending her message that it is all over "

                                  ----This was a conversation  i had about  two people who loved long before they came into facebook and ended it for  a prolonged exchanges of status messages ,It baffled me to believe they  it ended in facebook ,because facebook can be used to bridge so many distant souls that yearn to feel true happiness !!!!

Facebook a Boon alrite
                                        My Schooling got over around 15 years back ---As is case of many of us --our journey begins after school life --we all move in different directions in search of our destiny --This facebook is a boon to people who keep running --we are almost out of touch from most of our close friends --Facebook enables us to keep in touch with all those people --Helps us create  a feeling that we are not completely lost from our dear ones --and all of us are scattered in different parts of the world --My best friends live thousand miles apart --and some of my schoolmates libe in places like America and New Zealand --the probablilty of meeting them is next to zero added most of them have young families ---When i see the pictures of those it makes me feel lot better that atleast i know that they exist far apart but seem so close by Face Book --When something brings you happiness and wonderful memories it should be a boon alrite without question or is it ?

Facebook  is a source of social networking -- was always meant to be so !!

But what really transpires --Plz read on

                                      People seemingly have developed new habits of using(misusing should i say) facebook non stop ---As one of my friends quoted

            "You cant find a single regular visitor to facebook who has not deactivated his account atleast once "(I have done that probably countless times after certain frustrations)

                               *    When u get angry on sumone --Boom there is a status update cursing them

                               *   When two people have misunderstanding --Facebook seems to be the mode to show who is bigger of the two --supposedly of countless silly messages indirectly mentioning each other .
                                *    When people hate certain people /community /group --they use facebook as a source to strengthen their claims --A certain clear example is of the posts i read about Being Atheist -- at the end of day  isnt it just about belief ?--People who believe there is god are Theist people who dont are Atheist --some of my best frds are atheist and im strict God believer ---i find it increasingly difficult to read posts of  one group tryin to show with example that they are righteous than other -

                              * Another Example ---A Group being started in the name of Dhoni Haters and people fighting the hell out of each other using derogatory words against ppl involved and everyone --sumtimes it borders on the level of extreme levels of atrocity --(Im not a avid Dhoni Follower --But just quoting a example of how it is being misused by people to stress personal hatred or anger on sumone they dont like )
 My Perespective ;
                           I remember aquote

                                            "Life is like a mirror -- If the mirror is a reflection of what you are ---things you do actually show what sort of person you are "

                                              "Facebook will be what you want it to be ---whether you want to look it as a garbage or a beautiful garden of efferevescent flowers is in our hands --If you have a misunderstanding why not talk directly ?--if u have disappointments why not have patience to overcome those moments --if u dislike a person why not it be a individual feeling --why do we need approval of others to strengthen each and every thing we feel right ---Facebook was not created to prove that we are better than others --it is not a source to prove sumbody is inferior or sumbody is superior ---It is not a site which holds a placard which says "Come throw your garbage on me "--The why this endless ,supposedly restless fights to prove who is better than other using facebook ---After all we are already doing that in our day to day life --Egos ,fights ,anger ,explicit language seems to be everywhere in our lives already why include that in facebook  too ?"

                                            Let facebook be a social networking site that is meant to connect people across the world --to share happiness ---to smile for right reasons --to stay in touch with our school mates  who played with us as  kids -to stay in touch with people whom we are far awat -there are not too many ways to know how happy they r other than these kind of networks---to ruin it ot live happily with  it rest in our hands .

( This is strictly my perspective after experiencing both sides of what i have mentioned --i have been part of both sides ---i have misused facebook as a media to vent my frustration on the other hand i have had some amazing magical moments to behold for life --I feel that Facebook could be better used for people to spread  more happiness because it is a great boon for people all around --Anything mentioned that hurts sentiments of certain people is highly regretted as it is not the  purpose of this blog )




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