Thursday, May 16, 2013

Defining Achievement !!

                                                      **   My 125 th blog --An achievement of sorts for me personally --That is precisely the topic of my blog today --What does this word achievement mean actually "Does it mean a acknowledgement from people  for something u did ?-Is it a outcome of appreciations for something u did ?--Or is it something more --I feel  it is about "Satisfaction "--a simple  but significant factor  unnoticed because of our expectations."**

"There are no born losers in this world--Only die hard aspirers in this world --Sumday before our time runs out we will be achievers in our own rights "

  The Grocery women ;
                              Twenty years before when i was in my house --there used to be a joy on weekend early mornings --No School --Beautiful Mornings--Mrngs which dawned with the most beautiful woman i ever knew --My Mother waking me up with so many  things i love ---and me assisting her for whole day was the best job i loved during those days --That particular time every morning there used to be middle aged woman probably in her 40's used to come in mornings to sell groceries with all vegetables neatly arranged in a basket and selling it by carrying it over her head (something common during those years in my part of world )--and mom used to buy almost every day for simple reason she used to carry those heavy baskets  despite being on the heavier  side herself---and i saw that for yrs in my young days when eventually we kids grew up we started buying from markets directly she was forgotten slowly --Recently i visited my native place and accidentally saw  a old lady full of grey hair -with a slow walk -that  walk resembled of sumone i knew in my young years --That same grocery women --same basket --same work --nothing has changed except her body had aged --but she seemed relentless ,unperturbed doing what she did for probably past 50 years ---without appreciation that seemed a silent achievement --that despite all her troubles --she has kept doing what  life offered to her --of course there would have been regrets and lot of grimmaces but fact she must have grinded it out all her life has to be a remarkable achievement that even she will never recognise because our world is such ---acknowledgement and appreciation is often viewed as the main factors in recognising some achievement but the most significant factor is about how satisfied you are in sumthing --the more satisfied you are the more it feels like a achievement !!!

The Iron Willed Guy -Another instance ;
                               A  very close friend known for better part of last 10 years --went through endless turmoil --His dream was to become a Engineer --financial conditions forced to do a lesser degree --a serious accident seemingly crippled his dreams --a love marriage forced him to lose his own family members --all that was left was to throw into the towel and quit life ---that didnt happen though --the guy kept swimming against tide, against disappointment, against repeated failures --his fight was against fate --and he kept fighting --only recently after years of turmoil he eventually got rewarded by god for his relentless fighting spirit and spending entire life in disappointments even fate felt it was not fair to fight a gud human being anymore --as a friend and brother i felt it as a monumental achievement --but the person including underplayed it even though he was in untold ecstacy he was  grounded --i knew it was a achievement of a lifetime --but to  him it meant a deserved price from fate for never giving up while people around him were still busy in trying to find more chinks and flaws which only ego could find above anything --For me it was another instance where

   "A achievement went unnoticed --  like a inspirational story was written by fate with a inkless pen "
                              There is undeniably many instances when we overlook sum of our own achievements for the supposedly missing factors --The single most important factor that should be and must be the only barometer in acknowledging a achievement is "SATISFACTION"-the level of satisfaction should be the only factor that pitimises any achievement --Obvious appreciation ---expressive applause among others should be motivating factors not the deciding factors --this is one life that you have been offered --you live on your terms for things that you love or like --sumtimes we find a way to accept failures and fight with what is given --almost every one of us make up for some failure by trying to find the light at the end of tunnel  by toiling relentlessly for years --My own life has thrown up innumerable experiences by watching people struggle for long time yet never give up --Achievement is often a misread concept as it is always corelated with appreciation ---The direct relation to achievement should be satisfaction --the two examples i quoted here in are just one among few i happen to notice --there are countless that i would have never even bothered to take notice --i feel it applies to every one of us --Next time when u feel urself as a failure ---just remember

        " Only a achiever  or one who aspires to achieve feels the real pain of a failure"

                                    If possible if you feel sumone deserves a pat for their fight dont hesitate to give them one --It might be the single biggest tonic for them to fight for years --There was a time when i used to wait for likes to feel good abt any status update in fb or any blog posts,news i shared --it doesnt happen anymore --125 th blogpost is nothing to brag about for a professional writer but for me it is a huge number --i feel "satisfied " that god has given me a platform to realise my passion ---i feel this as one of the biggest achievements of my life --"Satisfaction "is all that matters and  i have endless heartfelt gratitude to some remarkable ppl who have helped me reach this---So next time dont search for appreciation search for satisfaction !!

Cheers !!!


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