Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sivakarthikeyan --Brother - Friend - Terrific Stand Up Comedian,Anchor ,Actor --Above All A Great Human Being !!!

                                               SivaKarthikeyan --One of the very well known faces in my part of world especially for his terrific clean sense of humour --witty one liners --luvely mimicry skills -and for his lively anchoring in Vijay TV--in very sucessful programs like "Athu Ithu Ethu ",was someone i accidentally i met upon a few years before when i moved to Chennai --i actually happened to meet him in very late hours with lot of other people --i hardly took notice of him initially --we had few exchanges ,he seemd a simple humble person on first look --and later i got to know he was a junior from the school i studied in my native place and was from my native place ,,Trichy too .his best friends Iyyapan ,Sridhar all were very close brother like friends to me and we all used to meet up pretty regularly--and Siva never came across as a fast rising celebrity in making --He had a huge fan following --people loved the way he made comedy in a clean way --he never tried to hurt anyone's feelings yet turned up to be one of sucessful stand up comedians in our part of world,The foremost thing that stood was always his simplicity ---fame ,money --increasing attraction never seemd to make him a different person.
  An Incident from last year at New Woodlands Hotel  :
                                     During a small  bday  function last year --i had called upon Iyyapan and Sridhar to specially call Siva as a invitee to join in a family function --he immediately accepted and said would be there at the function (Here s a scoop fact --Siva has absolutely zero rememberance for roads in chennai ,:P)--It happend in New Woodland's hotel --and it was birthday function and Siva was late in joining in --but he eventually joined in when everyone were into dinner --He exchanged pleasantries with everyone --My dad who doesnt see much TV and acceptedly doesnt know about upcoming stars and ppl--he was less interested in those facts which i knew but what i didnt know was what followed --we all introduced Siva to Dad --and said this is Siva and said about his anchoring and him being a up and coming star --Dad said with blank expression coated with innocence -"I dont know about shows you are talking neither have i seen Siva in it "--I felt bit bit embarassed even though Dad was honest as ever everyone was blinking in slight embarassment ---Siva ever with presence of mind as silver lightning and unwavering respect for elders--came forward to dad and said "Its ok appa  -Just remember  me as your son from now on ---i dont have my father now with me  ---i consider u to be like my father --always consider me as a brother to your son thats all --Just consider me a son --Always "---I was for a moment startled and happy as hell that someone could solve a tricky little embarassment with a truth which  everyone welcomed with a smile --Such was the charisma of the guy --always coated with humbleness respect and sincerity even in delicate situations .Ppl always interested me in life --People who respected values in life --who respected life in right vein --who were prepared to fight odds despite having the huge pain of living with a single parent from young age --I know how it feels as i lost my wonderous mother at very young age .I knew then i knew someone who would never act in life !!
With Iyyapan ,Sridhar and Siva last yr
                                 If i want to give links to some of his masterpieces in television then it would be endless --there are lots and lots of shows where he was fantastic --simple --admirable and always with a luvely sense of humour ---to be frank i have not watched all his shows --just few but i know him as a person --and he is one of the nicest persons i have ever known --Yesterday went to his latest movie "Ethir Neechal "-and i just felt happy for him as a person --With decent reviews and  even more stardom approaching him --one thing you could always be sure of Siva is --nothing will affect his basics and nothing will change him as a person --he remains a supportive frd to his best frds of yesteryears -he respects people with same humbleness and approaches everythin with same sincerity tht has made him a star to reckon --When i came out of the theatre a full house night show --i could see people admiring the actor --and i felt even more happier because i know him as a person who never acts in real life ,there can be no better tribute to him than this last line of mine and he richly deserves this .

                              "To Siva --Wishing you all the best brother--Keep Entertaining- Be always the Siva we know -love  !!! "

             A  couple of sample from his shows
Cheers !!

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