Saturday, May 4, 2013

That Glitter In A Girl's Eyes !!!

             (Dedicated to one of my best friends Anu Singh --who got engaged recently )

                     "When a girl gets engaged she officially becomes a woman in a moment "

When my sister got married i felt like -
                          " Till yesterday she was tht little girl ---that best friend --that pleading ,shouting sister - In a moment just like that she got engaged and wow what a glitter in eyes --she seems grown up--  From a girl to a woman in matter of moments --thats what great about women --they can be any form u wish them to be in the blink of a eye "
                                                      I have been personally witnessing some moments where my sisters just with the snap of finger went from being a silly little girl i knew for years into a woman ready to take her plight to another level --and every time it has been nothing short of amazing watching how a girl steps up to her destined responsibility --most noticeably doing that with ---"that glitter in their eyes "
                                                    I always wondered how does that glitter come in a moment -Maybe this quote which i read few years back answers that (Im still a single guy to exactly pen down the feeling as such of why tht ecstacy happens in a moment for a guy or girl)
           " A girl's destiny lies in the person she chooses --A guys destiny begins with his girl "
        One Poignant Moment in the summer of  April 2008 ;
                                                    I had attended quite a few weddings along the way till that month --but that month was precisely the time i realised and visualised in reality of how a girl transforms into a responsible woman in a moment --My Sister who i had shared 25 years of life from her beginning took that leap in front of my eyes --Marriages are given huge respect in our part of world moresoever than many places around the world --and i could see why --Girls give that a artistical finesse that noone could imagine with their eyes expressing extraordinary feelings towards people who have meant lot to her in life till that point of time and at the same time showing a air of positive expectancy towards people she would share the rest of her life --I still remember vividly seeing tears and happiness in her eyes when she was about to walk out of "our" house to "her" house ---"That Glitter "in her eyes conveyed hell a lot . I felt "Thats it "She has began her destiny --No more the little girl i knew for 25 years --Often tears are acknowledgement of your true feelings --sumtimes out of happiness you do have tears --i could have written a thousand words in tht single moment of seeing the amazing adaptibility and transformation of a girl .Five years later i still remember vividly that single poignant moment which showed me a phase of life i never knew --Feeling happiness by genuinely seeing someone u love ready to move on to next part of her life happily.

                                                     The plain truth or matter of fact is life is of course surrounded by hell a lot of disappointing moments --some depressing even --but it is such moments when u witness happiness in its true essence do u realise that you struggle for a reason worth struggling for --There is a reason why we are surrounded by woman around us --in the form of sisters-some friends where relationship has been strictly platonic --(and yes strictly it is possible!!! ) give us this happiness to behold for a lifetime --Long time back i remember a frd of mine quoting this in simple terms --

"When you have tears and smile at same time fighting each other to express true happiness--you know you have been part of a unforgettable memory "--Unforgettable memory are what that glitter is all about i suppose .
 A few lines about the heroine of this blog --one of my bestest friends -Anu Singh
                                                  Online friendship has given me plenty to cheer about in my life --Some great people i never saw which never mattered  at all --Distance never mattered for years --Mutual Happiness Did! -Anu Singh was one of the best frds any frd could have yearned --both as a supportive friend  and a amazing human being -As a humble  person and unparalled queen of simplicity --MDTE as i used to fondly call her stands in the doorstep of stepping into her destiny with another wonderful person --Wishing you all the best ahead in life and may ur destiny bring happiness to lot,lots other people in this world  as it did to me which no words could convey .
One of the happiest nights draws close with tears and smile visualising that " glitter " soon to be in one of my best mates eyes :):)
( Special Mention  to my sisters Rajeswari Srinivas,Archana Karthikeyan  as their big day memories played a significant part in penning down what i actually wanted )
C ya soon .


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