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Rita Gigante -An Inspiring Story !!!

 Here  is what my blog is about ---     
                                             I had read about this particular person Miss .Rita Gigante a couple of times in the last few months --the first time i read about in her article in a monthly magazine i was thinking another flashy story to fill up the pages --But when i read through that article it seemed lot different and lot inspiring ---I never had any urge about reading about history regarding crimes or mafias --but i got to know there was a book named "The Godfather's Daughter "by Natasha Stoynoff --I went about trying to find synopsis of that book on internet and read few articles about Rita --it was inspiring enough because it was to me a different kind of braveness ,Something not everyone could do --but everyone should try to do --This person  was born to a one of the biggest crime bosses "Vincent Gigante " acknowledged to be one of the biggest crime boss in America .A few Excerpts from Times of India edition (05.05.13)

                                   Rita Gigante's family looked like any other Italian Catholic family in suburban New Jersey. But there was a difference. Her father was the notorious crime boss Vincent Gigante, the head of all five New York crime families, 1950s onwards. Gigante was officially recognised as the most powerful crime boss in the US, and was dubbed "chin" by the press. However, his daughter, Rita, made a choice to live differently; she dedicated her adult life to healing people spiritually, emotionally, and physically. She also mustered enough courage to come out with her homosexual identity, despite her conservative Italian-Catholic upbringing, not to mention being raised in a mafia household. In her recent book titled, The Godfather's Daughter, Rita writes extensively about her journey from innocence to a harsh cold reality that made her doubt everything about herself, and life.
            Here's why i feel it is inspiring story
          ** She defies and changes the life offered by her dad obviously for it being wrong -it still takes courage for any son/daughter to accept their father as wrong person
          ** She was bold enough to accept she was homosexual --coming out with truth about sexual orientation is no easy deal anywhere in the world --I live in India where it is still thought being Lesbian/Gay is a disease ,unforgiveable sin--(I had previously written a blog where a person claimed it as  disease )
          ** She has taken upto healing people as a profession and life long work --appreciable considering her background which was only built on people's fear --to come out boldy against the same and make it as a chosen profession is a amazing thing to do
          ** She has chosen to live a life of her choice and with the main aim of not cheting herself despite having endless wealth ,power and option to have been a different personality if she had chosen a different path against her heart .
         ** She shows remarkable understanding on the importance of forgiveness and her lines shows she has substance to go along with the path she has chosen --A quote from her in the daily today morning read like the following on question about miracles --she has said

                        " When clients accept the truth about their lives — no matter how hard — and still love themselves unconditionally, it's a miracle. To be able to forgive yourself and to be non-judgmental is also a kind of miracle. I see all these kinds of miracles on a daily basis"
                            Autobiographies and self confessions always seemed appealing to me because they are from true experience of life --of people accepting mistakes and coming out with suggestions to people not to repeat what they went through-- seems the best example anyone could wish to follow according to me --though im yet to read the full book --whatever i read has surely made me realise one thing clear that Rita Gigante's life is one another example of why "You should go by your heart --Its the best way u will never hurt yourself "



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