Monday, July 1, 2013

Before Adding A Stranger As Friend In Social Websites Just Think Twice !!!

  This news was flashed few days  before in media 

                                  Now this is not first time I read about sumone getting lured by a new friend through a social website but this shows a rate a alarming carelessness increasing in our part ---there is something important to take note off from this increasing mishaps,robberies and sometimes brutal murders even --"The case of adding someone new as a friend without proper knowledge of whom we r gona get in touch with " -We miss that point then we are letting ourselves to be just sitting ducks .

                                  During Orkut days --many years back i had this great enthuthiasm to find new friends and interact with new people --i used to randomly go through some profiles and add many just for fun of having new people in life --i consider myself very lucky because some of my best friends who have stayed through some turbulent times ever since then in my life have been people whom i never had met in my life before befriending them --but when i think about it deeply there is always a string connecting most of them --most of them were mutual friends to someone whom i knew before --it was not like someone came out of the blue and became good friends--i had and have friends in both genders and we all in my group were trusting each other so much that if one of our mutual friends sent us a request we just checked with our friends to know about person and added them --remember specifically a close frd of mine now then checking with a mutual frd of ours twice before deciding to add me which i used to kid around even now saying it took lot to convince you mate --but it is a simple way of knowing whom you are getting into -rather than hoping your feeling is right !!
 In case you are adding a stranger please make sure some of following points is in ur mind ;-

 ** If the stranger has a mutual friend don't hesitate to ask him/her abt the new person
 ** If the newly added friend tries to interact with by disclosing their intimate and other secrets - it is a ploy to play with your mind --don't disclose your intimate secrets with him/her
 ** Don't meet him /her privately --meet always with your friends initially
 ** If you are a girl  don't disclose your phone numbers with him or family details until you are confident about the person you are interacting --one of my best frds took 4 years to give her phone number despite being best of friends -its alright to be patient if it is between trust worthy persons.
 ** Never type important pin number or passwords during chats
 **  Chatting is different from speaking in real --often conversations are misunderstood in the tone it is spoken -- misinterpreted due to lack of  the right perspective--Never take permanent decisions based  on temporary feelings through chats--give urself as much time as possible before taking a call.
**  Never trust  someone just on basis of pictures or basis of attraction of few chats --to win someone 's trust it would take time --not minutes or days -unless u know the flawed side of a person u can never judge someone as a person.

                                                  We have been reading in newspapers and via various media regarding innumerous mishaps of various social sites --the major problem has been either trusting too early or falling into honey traps to fulfill hidden desires--avoiding steps are  not rocket science regarding these issues --strangers can be best friends but its important to know whom we are interacting with before letting them in our world --Down the line its not bad to know bit about whom u r interactin with to stay away from unwanted problems !!!!

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