Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mother India Awaits A Real "Happy Independance Day "!!!!

Freedom was not got  to loot money at will
Freedom was not got  to see our place as a land of  corruption
Freedom was not got  to misbehave with women
Freedom was not got to punish the innocent
Freedom was not got  to grab  leftovers from the poor
Freedom was not got  to tear Mother India  into more parts 

Rather Freedom was got for all the opposite reasons  to the above
66 years before freedom was got for all reasons to see better ,brighter Mother India
But now the best identity to our Nation seems to be
A land unsafe for women ,A land known for corruption
Real freedom for Mother India is when she is free of all these blackmarks 

Aug 15 --Independance day --But Mother India is still hoping to see the day she knows the real  meaning of  "Happy Independence Day "!!

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