Friday, August 9, 2013

Value of Someone is Unknown Until They Become A Memory !!!!

                                " Value of someone is unknown until they become a memory "  

                       "What hurts you more-- Your uncontrollable moments of anger or your obvious ego or the fact you have been disappointed not using all your talents ?---i quizzed a frd of mine who recently passed away sometime back ---I got reply "The fact that i don't have a answer to those questions for 25 yrs  of my life"

                                                           ---In memory of a  friend i never got to know well in her life but have began to realise more about life in whole new perspective after she passed away recently  .
                                                 How much importance we give to things like hate ,anger ,ego ,misunderstandings over beautiful things in life like love ,happiness ,sometimes silence even --- is realised when you understand the value of a life--How much can a ego kill the thoughts of someone in your life is realised when you get to know that person is no more -all you wish is not to have been a painful memory courtesy that useless ego --It just means nothing when you know you had the opportunity to get over those wobbly moments in life yet did nothing other than holding  aloof  the wisdoms of being egoistic --A whole life however short or long gives plenty of opportunities to walk up and say "Im Sorry " regardless whoever is right and wrong --this person who left me recently was perceived as a arrogant ,blatant truth speaking individual who stood for things she felt was right --of course i had my apprehensions about many of the theories and we ended up as never being best of friends.

                                                  The most important thing is to know value of someone --value of life as whole before being judgemental about someone as a person ---that might require the whole course of your life sometimes --Never be in haste to end somethings/relationships --because it may take a whole lifetime to get over that sudden lapse .

                                                   Anger was something i had hell a lot as a growing kid --Ego is something that got developed by the support of anger --it helps you to achieve improbable heights --but it is a huge stumbling block if you are looking into building relationships and friendships --When anger and ego go hand in hand --everything else beautiful in life goes out --eventually leaving you  in a mess to understand the value of  someone you loved or love .

                                                   Absolutely this blog is not a  feel good type blog  or philosophical oriented  --this is about how lot of us live life --or atleast from people i saw ,interacted and have known in my 32 yrs of life --People try to feel apologitic when someone they had a grudge passes away --I hear people say "I could have asked for forgiveness "--"I could have stood by him/her if i forgot that one incident "---That "One incident " thing ruins so many magical moments and relationships in life --that "one incident " becomes the barometer to judge that person eventually putting end to frdship or distancing both from each other ---This from real experience of what i felt of someone being arrogant ,egoistic deserved all that until the moment i heard the news of her being no more ,It felt terrible knowing judging someone for what she never was  maybe the worst thing i ever did in my life - you learn whats right and whats wrong in life from your early life via education  yet always end up learning the right things after doing the wrong things . 

                                                People can only be what they r born as ---not what u wish --i once saw this person as a arrogant ,someone with attitude ,lot of ego ,seems now when she is no more as someone who was just being her --and someone who never changed for sake of satisfying people around - --
                                           "You cannot be judged for what u actually not are "
                                                 A Nice human being maybe she always was --the best way of being apologetic which i felt immediately was realising the value of life of sumone we loved or love is far greater than anything in this world .

                              RIP Friend  ---- thanks for giving another perspective to life 

                                                  ( One of my best mates used to bug  me "What's need of putting up personal experiences in open forum or blogs "--My answer always was "it might be useful to someone reading not to do mistakes i did or enjoy happiness i shared --Life does not have a book to explain pros and cons --people who go through experiences  have duty to share it concealing the essential intimate truths-- thats all --the rest could be helpful to someone unknown --Never felt the urge to blog as i did for this blog ever since i started blogging --might not be my best moment --but i hope it makes someone realise this is sumthing that could be avoided in their lives )

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