Thursday, August 15, 2013


        " People come into your life for some reason 
          If reason is revealed  early then you know they were not meant to stay for life
          If reason is not revealed for whole life then you are guaranteed happiness 
          Life is not meant to be just a struggle 
          It is a journey in a seemingly endless sea where you are  given a boat 
          to find your unknown destination --but to row the boat we need an " Oar"
          In life that "Oar" is the people we meet in life for all right reasons 
          Whether we reach that destination or not is no guarantee but pushing us 
           towards that requires  a strong oar in that endless sea
          Not appreciating what you had/have in life is disrespecting your sincere efforts 
           to find that unknown destination "
                                                                   Dedicated to my close friend ,mate ,buddy,philosopher ,motivator  Suresh Kumar on his Birthday --Im priveleged  in acknowledging the fact that my friends have not just been a oar but sumtimes a boat even in my journey to find my unknown destination --What began as a accidental frdship developed into a wonderful  brotherly frdship unseen for years before meeting eventually ---Now happily married with a wonderful person  and blessed with a lovely son --He remains the same wonderful person i met so many years ago ---Sometimes the life of commoners reveal lot more than what you could imagine ---Some people just prefer to be just silent significant factors in life --but as the breeze is to this world --they will be in your lives --never asking for recognition yet quietly give you confidence in the worst of times and enjoy happiness in best of times .
                                                     I remember once  my effervescent angel Mom replying to my query"Where do you find ,love,care,happiness ,trust ,support  and truth --she replied find a honest person all this follow by itself --i never understood what she was meaning then --now i do understand that she was referring to finding some genuine frds in life --Im thankful i have couple of them and wishing one of them a very Happy Birthday to a genuinely good guy and human being ,
                 "You should never think twice about who your real friends are  "


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  1. Thanks for the birthday gift.. I like the context very much... - suresh