Friday, September 9, 2022

Happy birthday mom- ma smiling angel!!!

"There are million stars in the sky this night but I feel u will still be the brightest up there - you had a heart that could fit the whole world in "

  Happy birthday to a my beautiful mom - I never get tired of loving you even after twenty years you left us all physically -everythin I am life is of you - "life teaches you plenty of lessons - it never taught me how to live without you "

  I could write a million words on the unbridled love you gave - the countless reasons you gave me to smile - the happiness you still give when I relive all the memories is beyond words, yoh were the miracle I could never see when you were around me smiling day in  out. 

I always wondered how you could make ppl love you so much, my classmates loved you more than me, my collegemates respected you more I did even, my best online frds loved you and love you like my mom, my soul mate loves you like her mom, this from many of whom never got too close to you or saw you to know you what a special person you were which I knew only after you left me. 

Death is inevitable to everyone in the world, but even death would hve been ashamed to take your beautiful life so early, you brought happiness in so many souls lives, you made a man out of a incapable person in me, it's for you I completed my bachelors degree despite feeling like giving up once , you never ever gave up, not even death could get u easily, u never gave up, the fighter who never cried in the last minutes to not see her kids breakin down, the lady whose sole reason to live was to see her kids happy and happy forever . 

Life has not been easy sailing without you, like everyone it has thrown to the wolves, but one thing tht always I remember was - my mom was  a helluva of fighter who never gave up - she gave so much love - she made so many envy her for her kindness, the respect I hve for women is entirely because I was brought up by a lovely, lovely lady who believed only in love and kindness , and taught me every women symbolises it perfectly. 

Wherever you are mom, I wish you are at peace and happy, you were a sparklin gem, sparklin even now and forever till my last breath, you were truly the be

st gift to me from God, he got my gift back but he could not take the love tht gift gave me for a lifetime 

Here I'm 

Wishin you with tears rollin from eyes 
Heart saying to eyes - don't cry she gave you a special memories 
Memories sayin - those were not just special - those were miracles 
Miracle sayin- she was the miracle of your life 
Life sayin - my life was all of tht angel 
Angel sayin - every mom is a angel 
It is a honour to be your son 🙏🙏🙏
Happy birthday ma angel mom - I love u endlessly and miss u always -make heaven best place to party. 

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